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Idina Let it go! Let it go! Two additional stages will rock the Washington Monument and Dupont Beverage Garden Jason Fraley to be to be news coming up in money news after traffic and weather cracking down on cheats hybrid I'm Jeff Klayball. It's 408. Get a Precision AC tune -up for only $59. traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks Bob Imler in the WTOP traffic setting in Maryland 270 spur southbound after Democracy Boulevard Before and you get to the beltway police are on the scene of a crash fire department should be there as well and traffic Southbound has been heavy and slow from before 175 getting past the work zone after Route 32 two lanes getting high it's after four hopefully they'll pick that up shortly northbound lanes are open and doing okay on the Baltimore, Washington beltway through Montgomery and Prince George's counties quite slow in several stretches but no It's reported along the way 50 out of the Bay Bridge is good to go and traffic on 395 in Virginia Heaviest below the Pentagon getting into Shirleyton after that briefly slow at landmark 95 not doing badly at all just brief slowdowns at Lorton over the Occoquan and then again headed south to Quantico several stretches for effort 66 is doing okay interlude delay still starting at about Route 7 getting to Maryland a northbound George, Washington Parkway very slow from the overlooks getting to a point near Turkey Run or just before Turkey Run may an have incident in the roadway there in the district on 395 on 695 in pretty shape good northbound DC 295 Heaviest getting past Pennsylvania Avenue southbound I -295 past Malcolm X no incidents reported along the way there don't sell your used car to a stranger be safe and go to FitSpiesCars .com get the most money for your car and a safe new car showroom go to FitSpiesCars .com that's the 5th way Bob Inler WTLP traffic the forecast now from 7news first alert meteorologist Brian Vandegraff very unhealthy air quality we are code purple this is a first of its kind for the DC metro area as

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