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Have to connect So it's not just where the where the the mating that's occurred. It's not just where the horses been raised. It's not just you know we're we're the horses broken and it's not just the training it's gotTa be best of all those things It's got to allow those cause a weak link. You change broken. Those are the things that I try to associate with and and in guiding our. Our our clientele are the best You know they give you the opportunity. It's all about them without them. It doesn't matter You try to have all all all the links of the chain connect he'd Liebau is with us. And we're celebrating his mother Alice Heatley Chandler and her induction at the announcement last week of her going into the pillars of the turf in the hall and at the same time really Acknowledging the the great legacy that The family continues and I'm curious if if you provide a not so much direction but advice to you know fledgling breeders and what qualities what elements they should. They should try to include in in their approach when it comes to building broodmare band and finding success whether they're breeding to race or or breeding commercially. The first thing I would say again you can. You can do choose to do but I would say fall in love with horse Have to let the horse be your driver. You know So Fall in love with the Horse If you if you're able to and then then to Be a student Identify Successful Operations They exist. I mean Juddmonte Judd not an enigma. There's a reason why they're Judd Mon- you know why well you know. There are lots of things but study. These successful programs confer with people. I mean we've got to two associates now with us do that. That came out of the the Sean clancy..

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