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I think this would be a good time for us to give our recommendations and this time we're going to specifically share some really good pieces of true crimes ones that were made for good reasons and really add to to the culture so rebecca you start. What are your recommendations. My first recommendation is my favorite true crime documentary. That's a made in the last couple of years and that's saying a lot because there have been quite a few good ones but my favorite one is murder. I'm middle beach is a four part series that aired on. Hbo and the reason. I love it so much. Well reasons one. Is that the man who made it. Madison hamburg. He started making it as a student film when he was in college. So the course of the four episodes not only do you see him grow up on film. But you also see the craft improved throughout the four episodes. Second his what he's doing in this film is investigating the murder of his own mother so he can do things that no one else telling this story can do. He can secretly tape the cops a super no no for any other kind of journalist or storyteller amateur podcast. He can interview his own family members. He has unprecedented access to every part of the story. And the other thing that i love about it is that it's also really about being an american family in a way that i haven't seen before on film sort of the ripe dysfunction the fact that this man's mother had potentially mosel people who wanted to kill her like really makes you think the dysfunction of your own family in a strange way anyway. I can't say enough. Good things about the documentary. I'll talk about it with anybody. Who wants feel free to tweet me about it. So i'm going to recommend a sort of true crime ish podcast because they could not legally say that these pyramid schemes were illegal It's called the dream. It's a great fun podcast. I'm a big fan of things that are of encouraging people to look beyond murder for their for their true crime desires. And this is. This takes a lot of boxes. It's just a fascinating deep dive into those different pyramid-schemes that you're constantly getting inundated with on your facebook page and why they're harmful and sort of who pays the price of those and then sort of as a bonus i would also recommend decoder rings sites decoder rings two thousand eighteen episode call clown panic and this was a really great episode that digs into that sort of weird moment in time when people were wearing clown costumes and being super creepy playgrounds and other places and it kind of gets a little bit into the crime because people were arrested for it and there was a lot going on with that so those are two things that i would absolutely recommend all right. Well thank you for doing that. I can do to as well the documentary that i often call the citizen kane of true crime is season. One of the staircase the original twelve episodes. It's about novelist. Michael peterson being accused of the murder of his wife. Kathleen and it is an unprecedented. Look at the inside of a well-funded defense. It's completely fascinating. It is gorgeous. Lee made At the end of every episode you change your mind about whether or not you think he did it or not. So it's incredibly suspenseful. The stuff they capture on film just like unbelievable. And if you are a person who likes mystery with a ton of oh shit. Moments the staircase is one hundred percent. Where it's at never mind the fact that it's full of a bunch of compelling characters and ask a lot of questions about the criminal justice system the way people of different sexual orientations are treated the veracity of some evidentiary techniques that turn out to be completely bullshit anyway. That's the staircase the first series the second series of the staircase. Kinda boring cannot recommend the first one enough and as a bonus. I am going to give a shout out to one of my favorite podcasts. From last year it's called canary from the washington post. I just won a national murrow awards. I'm not alone in loving it. In it reporter. Amy britain uses a story around sexual assaults. First of all an incredible twist at the end of episode one that i cannot spoil someone to be vague. She uses the story around a sexual assault to explore. How difficult it is to find out whether accusations are true and in doing that. She shows the difficulties around trying to do journalism about this trying to tackle it in the criminal justice system. She asks a lot of questions about why women are believed and it is a journey. I love it so much and as much as a podcast about sexual assault can be entertaining. It is incredibly entertaining. And i mean that like you want to listen to the next episode. When you finish an episode so i much saying that. There's a lot of trash out there. There's lots of good out there so we encourage everyone to find some good true crime. Okay that's our show this week. The waves is produced by me. Shayne roth susan. 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