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Direct Democrats conducted secret depositions released a flood of misleading and one sided leaks and later selectively released transcripts and a highly staged manner outstanding Kim Jordan Jim Jordan I don't think Jim joins a lawyer as he missed but this he's better than most floors I've seen it's certainly better than all the legal analysts on TV Jim Jordan two former ambassador Taylor at the hearing today cut five go eight held up on July eighteenth is that right that's when I first heard about it minutes minutes for Lisa bass or tell on September eleventh and we know that from your deposition in those fifty five days that aid is delayed you met with president Lynskey three times first it was July twenty six the day after the famous call now between president trump and presents lanes presence listing is with you ambassador Volker an investor silent and again according your deposition your testimony there was no linkage of security systems dollars to investigating charisma or the binds second meetings August twenty seventh given this fifty five day timeframe second meetings on the twenty seven presence Lynskey meets with you in a basketball net others and again there's no linkage of dollars security system dollars to an investigation of the bites that course a third meeting is September fifth presence Lynskey meets with you and senators Johnston and Murphy and once again there is no linkage of security assistance dollars to an investigation number is more the biting three meetings with the president of Ukraine the new president and no link it's as accurate Jordan certainly accurate on the first two first two meetings because to my knowledge the Ukrainians were not aware of the hold on assistance until until twenty ninth of August of the political article vocal article the third the third meeting that you mentioned with the senator's son of our friends are Johnson there was discussion of the security.

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