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We've got Paula Deen's stars new episodes of macabre cedar with the great of on a cadaver every Saturday the big fish show with Sally Ann Ross that is must see TV for sure business news with a bar room slant the W. NFC is coming this April so we also look forward to that you can click through this website as well and find us on social media Facebook Instagram and Twitter all the usual suspects we have our networks accounts there and mine as well I'd love to see you and we'll all like each other and do what we're supposed to do on social media right thank you to our guest this hour we have bar marcole AC is a former undersecretary for President Bush lifelong diplomat NATO easier GOP conservative tea party he says hashtag macular on his Twitter he's very active and you can follow everything he has to say on his Twitter account at B. Mar court also Christensen on a Walker of the mental health news radio network she's got so many resources there from all her host so check that out as well and many many thanks to them finally we are going to hear a little bit more right now from president drop he is responding to news that Iran launch those missile strikes late Tuesday but apparently they want to de escalate and president trump says he doesn't want any escalation either but he will have some sanctions for Ron here are more of his remarks from this morning at the White House today I am going to ask NATO to become much more involved in the Middle East process over the last three years under my leadership our economy is stronger than ever before in.

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