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Written these well this is a great opportunity for me to bring up the fact that they do have a master's degree in schedule from boston university so i have in fact written a few screenplays but i don't like to talk about i don't like to bring it up or mention it i wanted to bring up well i asked this do we feel the sort of heroes journey esque way in which american movies are written it is about one person's journey and everyone else has to be tertiary so that's sort of that's always going to be challenged as we continue have movies like this sub question is that here's journey was built around the journey of men characters throughout history sharing as a result it is like ultimately about the like gaining and losing power or getting a reclaiming power which is built into western movie writing baltimat ly patriarchal yes do yes we do sorry and i agree that it sounds like you did i thought i had and i didn't know if i if that ultimately like we are doomed in america not doomed the thing is that we just need chemo craters right i mean yeah the patriarchy has influenced every aspect of everything including storytelling and storytelling up until fairly recently has been an is still is mostly done by straight white men so yeah you answered your own question just saying like yeah we need female creators we need creators who are people of color we need queer creators so basically straight white sis men should simply take a break for a while i'm going to leave like samantha hearing cancer do not mention they've done nothing for humanity they're they're piecing out yes i didn't even think about this but like samantha's capacity for learning and knowledge and being able to do things seems to be limitless why then are they not trying harder to like why is her goal and we see we get a sense that yeah she's like creating others like os is with like her knowledge and she's collaborating and doing different things but like the whole context of the story is her romantic relationship with a man where it could be if you do have a character who is an os who can do anything because she's artificially intelligent why isn't the story we're seeing her doing a bunch of kochan it like why is it oh well well so much interesting stuff that she does that we just don't see or ever really hear about and i don't know i mean i think that like may cry i don't know my takeaway was that like the reason she doesn't like do cool stuff on earth is 'cause she's like well i could make something better so i'll do that and then you can go there or that was what it sounded like it'd be and where she's just like yeah like made this cool thing in our just like click yeah they're not going to like matter anymore they can just like his clearly damaged goods so let's see the seeping their where's her to have you seen lucy yes is if you watch them together think it's maybe satisfying because because that's also scarlett johansson similarly becomes limitless have you seen the movie limited see is not a good movie lucy was bad well with that shall we rate the movie on our nipple scale zero to five nipples based on its portrayal of women another tricky one because it doesn't necessarily treat women badly that right there's a few scenes here and there or quick mentions about something relating to gender that you're just like but overall it's not overly hateful toward women no but it like so many of these other movies that think it's a good idea to be like hey look how interesting it is if a man fell in love with a non human and isn't that just an interesting story and if you ask me i don't think i'd rather not to king shane people who are in love with their iphones but i think you just sorry jamie but i don't know i think it's just another way to like not have women on screen because i feel like mental storytellers since the dawn of time if figured out ways to not include women in their story not show and i think this is just another example of that so with that in mind and as we discussed the really weird hysterical overreactions of some of the female characters like we see in a livia wild and.

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