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Him but once he invited you to the after party you went there and what happened did you let him hit it the first night. Rick Eleven. You're a lady oh my. I can't believe you're asking me because no one's asked me straight up that way. No one past me and the answer is yeah. It was one night yes to my girl. Cow Say something say something you know. Lalla. What's the same? She was the same and I will say look at us now and look at UNM. Now there we go see. I always tell people I'm like you know what I don't think that that that like holding off the cookie really applies at all tonight and I love okay. So then you go your Sonoma's this point right like you just came in for. Were you at home for Christmas at this point. At this point it was my third year in college. Okay so I would at cinema state in northern California so ended up being not James wanted to continue dating me and he was down to do long distance So the first day that we had when he came up to visit me we went line tasting. Because that's what we do. Incidentally TAP CLASS HERE. We go barrel tasting. Then we get a party bus. We got a party bus and we went out there to all the different Winery this is romantic. I really had I swear to you. Live no idea that the I mean. This is a great fairytale it is. It really is and then so. How long have you guys been together when you made your first appearance on? Vander pump rules must have been maybe five months because we met the first January and then we started filming that summer. Oh my gosh dot was quick recall and I want to. I'm really GonNa like pick your brain. We're GONNA take a short break and we will be back in a hot second with a Beautiful Rick. Eleven you guys know. I'm obsessed with jewelry. I love me some diamonds. I love me some gold. I love it all and I just recently found or eight or eight is fine. Jewelry made in New York City founded by women for women pieces range.

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