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I'm Alec Baldwin and you're listening to here's the thing long long had barely hit puberty when he and his father landed in Philadelphia from Shenyang the Curtis Institute of Music awarded long full scholarship but teenagers still need a high school education. I still remember my first day. If it had alpha in high school and I went into the class and they say so you introduce yourself and I said yeah I'm I'm playing piano. I come here to to study daddy classical music and everybody look. I'm east either seeing alien. You who what as I most hard are heard about that guy guy he. He's dead for many years while this is something you've been in a bubble. Oh we also record chapstick. I don't know that China did not know chopstick. I know topsy but so so so so the by me that my career would be over yeah so so one day you made them backstage often officer. There's a piano they were the rehearsal for two minutes and they can't stand anymore though they owe came out because they just couldn't listen to symphony and they say this is a piano there. Can you play h have steak and I was so I don't really know and then they showed me and I started but from that moment aren't we became really good friends. There's also a culture clash. Is Kind of you know we've been through that point out and then. I realized you know one day. I should help my friend and classmate to have a bit of music inspirations in the school. So therefore ten years ago we found it the denominator national foundation in New York and now we have almost sixty schools and I also want to thank but also I want to have this opportunity to Arctic because from the first time when we played concert Alec was to host already and then are- every every fundraising time he's always there and he's so so don't say no to you. Thank you know we really appreciate your call so the Foundation Bennett existence for how long now ten years ten years and sixty schools in the US around the world grow US yeah. How would you say to the extent that this is possible because I'm always quick to to undervalue or under a emphasize the American experience if you will but you are prodigy obviously there's not GonNa. I'm dead at the piano since you're five years. How much would you say the United States and in your experience of living in ended states helped to crystallize some of your town so you're a very lucky. I had this best teacher in a world guard Graffman so Curtis Curtis Peop- basically became a lifetime mentor to me and so because this this is quite important. There are many schools many different teachers UNIDO find someone who's having a great knowledge but but also fits your style way. Gary is absolutely the right one because he told me so much about different culture learning learning piano. This is not just playing the note you have to learn the culture and you have to learn the history you need to learn their culture roots folk music and somehow you're learning the culture of the world and you really need to dig into it and then I think the US it's a it's it's a really have so many different neighborhood. If you WANNA find more European neighbourhood like Germantown under the French quarter or you know so we always find people from different culture and they can share their culture of you and I still remember the first few years it was difficult for me to understand the culture and then Gary found a wonderful teacher who told me Shakespeare then after reading a few wealthed books than I starting to understand the western classic music you know the relationship between the music to our theme theme two novels to you have to have the surroundings and then of course not only. US is important. You also need to go to a Europe because of some of the greatest composers that go into Moscow and Peter Spirit going to Vienna go into Benin Humber Perez and or Madrid to get into the European culture now. What does a conductor have to offer you you this does at your level. When I was a teenager I had many great live experience with I'm Dr Snake Salish Mozelle and like my grandfather they're like totally different generation and from from a totally different time and so they told me how to understand Beethoven Brahms how to understand you know no way that is hard to who is playing in the schools but this is like face to face. They show you the feeling like they they basically even though Oh sometime they don't seem really well. They can really show what they want and those are kind of life experiences and this is something that I'm so treasuring because some of those master's already passed away and I still have a beautiful memories of my first time meetings about show our Mozelle and this is just tremendous experience for me name if you can't a couple of of conductors who you really love working yeah absolutely Gustavo. He's my it gray buddy. I I love him. We just played yes they before your stay away and then would you be to a number two and also do. I love the new conductor burning ramonic- career approach Inko which is going to be starting with Bernie Infield this season and of course enough to be Mehta he showed me oh the tricks what harvested with him the Rock Concert Oh and also number. He said this on is not good enough. I said why is that so so what do you think he said Yeah. I play with Arthur Rubinstein. He didn't take this so my source told me I don't know how to do that but he did like the. Are you still learn so here's the thing you know. Sometimes you need to a master class and you'll learn a lot a lot of things in that class and then afterward helps you a little bit of a few more weeks but if someone's someone really good real master you will hear a master class and that class will carry at least another ten years and every time mhm you'll think about you know what he or she told you on that that class is not just about how to make music but it's a really the way how are think about music on how you connect with your personality you know to the composers and how are you breathing your imagination into the music and how are you going to develop your next ten years so they basically make you think much more than we are. Few musician can really do that and they really brings you to think much deeper and to think about in a very different concept and I still remember working with Maestro Nicholas Hannam core I'll mold heart and of course I played many times concertos but that lesson I played He showed me something that I never seen Mozart. Come be described orientated in their way and that changed the whole time you you basically think Oh my God what I did was wrong and I'm going to relearn everything so some musician position have the power to really restart. You'll thinking of everything. Are you going to tell us what he said about Mozart aw love or is that a secret that an industry secret then another. I I play a little bit tougher. Now would be the perfect time for that. It's yeah it's a little bit hard to to to describe because it's a quiet. You don't need to describe it. I've got to of Asians from the twinkle twinkle variation.

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