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Forms the foundation of the afterlife beliefs of the group right. And what he found. It's even more interesting in confirming of it. You sit in some of these kinds of shamanistic cultures. They will have a belief about the afterlife. And then you know. William will be out there and get hit by a tree and die and he'll come back and he'll say hey this is what happened and it is such a compelling account that the shaman will go wait william rooted. Exactly william is right. We'll we'll you must be right. We need to change our beliefs. It's it's powerful research because when you go cross culture and you go cross time you really sort out a lot of the a wheat from the chaff thing. What degree i mean. Don't you think there's a lot of similarities an experience between different cultures. That are prevented from being understood through language. Like a lot of these people have spiritual views some to yours and things like that. They believe in reincarnation. Or afterlife or something like that absolutely. But i i guess the other thing you know tying it back to what we're talking about. Is you have to consider the the evil part of it because the evil part of it is the deceptive part of it is the how do i how do i gain control of someone. How do i dominate. Someone absolutely looking all the religious beliefs. The teachers here that are really popular. They're worth millions of dollars. So of were want. I like that. What was the colt. You're talking about at the beginning which one order rules. Yeah so again. It's a mixture of this brew of these beliefs. And then how can i kind of get in between it's consistently done the overtime you know whether it's jim jones. Or whether it's the mormons which i would throw in that category whether jehovah's witnesses day bennis also at their right everyone even if you wanna look at the sex within christianity each wants says they're correct and then they turned the screw the catholic churches as. We're the only true church right. So how could you believe in anything else. Therefore you gotta give us money to for these priests and then engage in the kind of same behaviors. That christ railed against when he was in jerusalem so.

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