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Macos macos number of the line monday dish edna drouin gm and i would make it monday's the little bit better yes the little bit stomach dealing with the forty seven yes 47 degrees your breath it that is halloween weather yeah i was just thinking about it last night's uh i live in a new neighborhood in the great big city of on alabama scale gated community upscale mall that well the community than i live in at somewhat of a subdivision that's it's an older subdivision and over the past couple of years i've taken my child p diddy to that community the jerk a treat because all the people that live there they're just prepared to to give out candian there's a lot i mean there's a lot of people from the area that go to that community okay which i thought was cold but also got ahead anna from taken in trick or trading over there because there's so much going on there so many geared runup nonroad so many cards is just added now i'm like away a live there now and now i'm going to have to deal with that of africa suck the bride side is anywhere well my drive i still gotta take him trigger trading so here's the deal obama had to take him trigger trading somewhere else and i'm not going to be able to get in my house from hours of like six to ten riot it's gonna be ridiculous now upside as if i stay at the house maybe we should take it a different route mayhem hand out kenny opposed to trying to trick tree i dunno i'd ask him what he wants to do art you just get like woes trackers input armyled ago because this world is crazy my friend i will driver never right merlin now would never let my kid at a bus decided that the.

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