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Key thing but they weren't kitty singing in the teens and twenties and they were an and strangely enough the marvel movies is kind of a melding of that tired genre and now the movies are continued into each other i love the way our our michael serialized television is today most tv shows you know game in franz whatever it is they're they're giant breaking that there's cereals there your serialized dramatic programming and i put they're doing with the marvel movies is just and of course as someone as i'm gonna i don't i don't know if we talked about it but i assume you you're like me you grow i grew up i think i might be older than you but i grew up in the sixties as a kid the original marvel superhero your stanley jack kirby i read those comics when they came out you know what i mean and thing is what i love about these marla movies they rekindle that that love that i had those movies when i was a kid i i see it on screen those those are the characters are the things they were do i put a gun to your head hardiman sub mariner oh cool sore yeah and captain america you could sing all of those gantry cartoon came up with rob ably could probably currently let's test i wanna hear you do the words to the hulk and keeping my voice recite them do shakespeare right now let's see i remember doc bruce banner.

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