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Degrees. Sunshine in Boston. Good morning. I'm Deb Lawler. Top stories now John Kelly is expected to reside. As White House chief of staff in the coming days. The President Trump asked Kelly over the summer to stay on for two more years. The two have reportedly stopped speaking recently. Japan's ministry of defence expands its search to find five missing US marines after two warplanes collided. Mid air and crashed into the sea yesterday rapper Kendrick. Lamar leads all Grammy nominees with eight including album song record of the year both Drake and Brandi Carlile earned seven nominations, including nods for the big three categories. Authorities are investigating a burned body found next to a playground in lend. WBZ TV's Jim Smith has more police work late into the night after a grim discovery in inland. Investigators confirming that a burned body was found on a wooded hillside. The scene is right next to fry park where there is a ball field and playground. Neighbors are on edge. I know it's pretty scary avid teenagers. So it's scaring this area to see this going on very close to home. The Essex County DA's office says a dog Walker found the body about too many afternoon, they say any identification will take time because of the condition of the body. They haven't released in age or gender officials will check missing persons reports in the area and dental records to try to make a positive. I d on the body students are back in class this morning and will burn a day after students suffered a superficial stab wound and a fight with another student at Kennedy middle school, the eleven year old male student was quickly identified and place. In custody, a small knife was sees the school was ordered to shelter in place out of caution for the second day in a row General Motors. Ceo, Mary Barra is grilled by lawmakers over plan layoffs and plant closures by the company day after meeting with Ohio lawmakers on Capitol Hill General Motors CEO, Mary Barra is back in the hot seat last week. The automaker announced it will stop making the Chevy Cruz at its Lordstown Ohio plant by March and could close the plant for good. Our focus is.

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