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Know I have to say my weekend death thank you David yeah it's a nice with Dave I heard a great I think there's a great cover of that or I have heard a cover of that from to desk you trucks who also plays with them clapping all the time yeah which is I saw them at red rocks quick flight you really yeah it was they are spreadable so incredibly by truckers opened and to desk you tracks red rocks when inventions of everything incredible anyway Dave Wilson but we have a couple they're just so cool my next flight right yeah it's kind of what you want to be Susan Tedeschi yeah right all right Dave Wilson we know you've got a chart we'll get there well you don't have to learn to play guitar to figure out this one let's put it that way it's all about you know gross stocks I mean you know you look at the relationship between growth and value indexes you know you can pick the S. and P. five hundred if you want a broader look you can pick the Russell one thousand and you're seeing ratios between the two indicators back to where they were in two thousand when because she had that internet driven bull market that the nineteen nineties peaking so here we are again now the question is what about valuation and it's a question that the folks at bank of America specifically analyst Steven Stockmeyer Jordan young tackled in their latest research looking at the price earnings ratios for the Russell one thousand growth in value indexes and just doing a simple you know subtraction to produce a spread between the two and when you do that you find out sure the growth stocks are more expensive but nowhere near as expensive in relative terms as they were back twenty years ago when stocks were peaking so basically you know their take is that what we saw this week with the value stocks one of getting a bit of a rebound in relative terms no maybe it doesn't last for long because you know there's certainly enough room in terms of valuation for growth stocks to reassert themselves now I'll just point out so that you know you could run the same analysis with ratios and Michael guarded M. camp partners actually did that in a report out yesterday then you come to the same results are really doesn't matter whether you doing division of subtraction you end up in the same place with gross stocks more expensive but nowhere near as expensive as they were at the height of the market in two thousand other words Dave don't give up on growth stocks that's kind of the message here Carol and if you want to know more send me email I get to the chart the explosion occurs whether and everything I do going forward the email address is D. Wilson at Bloomberg dot net that's D. Wilson at Bloomberg dot net which do this weekend Dave Wilson you know that's a good question I haven't thought that far ahead mmhm she just gonna wing it right whatever time the okay you know the spirit tailbacks to lax what are you doing Karamazov Phil axing believe it or not with a bunch of virtual college tours lined up for tomorrow I think it's supposed to rain time okay we want to do some painting outside so maybe that'll be Sunday I'm not quite sure yeah what do you do yeah no hanging around in your machine listen to some music maybe listen to your podcast you could great podcast I do yeah it is a big podcast rich Paul what advice from agents in basketball who does he represent Brian James.

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