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And we've been talking here about Chelsea Manning who has spent a ridiculous amount of time in jail for refusing to play ball with the corruption of the grand jury process. That evidently has the the authority to tell you that. If you don't talk they're going to throw you in jail until you do and find you one thousand dollars a day until you talk and for truth. She's in jail for exposing the truth about things that Yes things like The collateral damage video as we were talking about earlier and it wasn't one and what she's been in an is being demanded that she basically testify against Assange yes and also in some form of. He's not like in jail but he is. He is in jail he's in a maximum security prison. She in. Oh sorry sorry. Sorry sorry He's in a maximum security prison in Britain. That is mostly used to house terrorists. Okay so I was under the impression. This is how the news rock. I tend to avoid all this news so I was under the impression he was still held up some embassies. Oh no year about a year and a half behind the time SPRO spending. He's been in prison for a year and a half has nothing well. He served his one year sentence and they didn't let them out. Yeah and he was. He definitely had some pretrial detention Other that was probably part of his one year sentence so I don't know he's it's been a long time. We could look up the date. It cost a lot to tell the truth here but again gives that something. I wish that. And maybe I will do a do a local group but I don't know if anybody will come to it. We'll find out but I feel like hearing keen. People wouldn't be especially surprised to see people picketing and demanding the release of Chelsea Manning. There's pretty common on the weekends to see people standing in the square. Yeah Friday peace rally that. I haven't been going to lately that maybe I'll get a Julian. Assange sign go down. That would be good. So the judge responded by Gelling Chelsea Manning again and again as we pointed out hitting her with one thousand dollars fine every single day that she doesn't speak so in February Manning's lawyers lodged a motion calling for her to be set. Free saying that she would never change her mind. Her incarceration is not serving. Its only permissible purpose. Because evidently they are allowed to do that they are allowed to use gel to extort you into talking as horrific as that is the reasons that returning the constitution really isn't enough. We need tear this government completely down. No it's bizarre to me when people say well if we just returned to the constitution. The constitution didn't work the first time. If anything in this matt gave us what we have it was a better functioning system in a lot of ways in I mean before the especially if you look back before the creation of the Federal Reserve. You know things were allowed less bad. I don't see that any he could be any different. I mean so so yes. I've heard people say well if we were still you know purely constitutionalist government. I won't point on I was shore remember following some Michael Bednarik stuff where you know. He gave these lectures and whatnot explaining why these things were great and they sounded great but the problem is that still words on paper that people can just decide for whatever reason that they don't have to follow anymore. Yeah and that's that's the whole problem is the only thing that keeps the system. Stable is the mythology in the minds of the people you know be and once the people stop getting out with torches and pitchforks which they used to do. I mean if people don't actually go out and feathers like they used tar and feathers is another thing and guilty in some some places yes they were very effective in the past you know sometimes some cuts have to be made and that's the only thing in the long run will ever keep politicians. Honest is if they are at least occasionally killed when they're really bad. I don't know if I want to endorse that statement but I'm not going to disagree with it. Okay well let let me say that I. I've been looking for a solution other than that to to the problem of of of corrupt politicians and I have not found one. So if you've got one I think the solution is to not have politicians. Yes yes that would be ideal. I think so back to this article. Manning a transgender woman who supporters call a whistle blower past more than seven hundred thousand classified documents to wikileaks that exposed quote. Possible war crimes. They weren't possible. They were documented. War-crimes video that's a slant by this article who's ever writing this a daily mail. I'm pretty sure as right wing. Just like when they say may and they don't say like tin in prison. Yeah right I mean look. They used a pitcher of Chelsea here back when she was in the military and identified as Bradley Manning. That's that's a jerk. Move No matter how you slice it. Everyone knows that Chelsea manning now is Chelsea manning and you have to be gigantic jerk to pull a stunt like that. What would you do if you owned like the Bruce Jenner Museum? Though would you just? I would burn it to the ground. Because I can't stand Bruce Jenner. Okay but but no I mean theoretically I wonder what somebody who had like invested a lot of money and Bruce jeter memorabilia. I mean do they have to like burn it all. I mean somebody you like like if somebody had but if you were going to write an article about Jenner today you wouldn't use rusher of Bruce. Yeah okay do thrown around is okay though. I just sure there are still boxes of wheaties. And Crap Leah Bruce. Jenner's pitcher on it we can't make those vanish into the memory. Hold because Caitlin Jenner. For better or worse did used to be. Bruce Jenner right. But that's a good point though if there's an article about About Br Caitlin Caitlin Jenner. Now if there's an article about Caitlin Jenner then it's not there obviously not showing a picture of Bruce going out of their way to church like the Daily Mail. Probably well if the writing about her transition they might include like a picture of when when. I got mail or some before before. I'm not going to get into the timing of the events in her psycho sexual history. Because I don't know I don't care because the point that's not super relevant that This person decides to a different gender of the fact. Is that like a person who tried to? Who's doing their best to tell? The truth is now in a cage because a man who wears address to work says. So yeah okay. That threw me off man John in the conversation about the transportation a man wearing.

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