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Did the US women? Pour it on in that opening soccer game against Thailand. Thirteen nothing. That's like a Super Bowl. Final score of one hundred nothing. This kind of score just doesn't happen again as we have explained their circumstances that apply to this game such as a limit on substitutions and the fact that goal differential counts in whether or not you advance its tiebreaker. So it wasn't just showing off far from it talking with Tim Murray, co host of the daily line three to seven PM eastern time on NBC sports radio. And also, we have called from Sharon in crane, Missouri. Good evening. Sharon, welcome. Chin in Hello, sir to your to your guest. But, you know the. The chain. This is the first time in the World Cup. Dave were excited. They were so good and proud to be there. Now. How would they have felt? If the US hadn't brought their best game and played it and gave them respect. Of honoring them as an opponent. I think that's a great point. Right. Respect for a person for a team when you do not bring your a game and play it. I think that the shared makes a tremendous point. In fact, the US coach post-game made that that comment as well. The patronizing somebody is not a way to show respect him. Yeah. No, I one hundred percent agree and. Yeah. To to it's maybe not a fair comparison. Because this is a Hollywood movie briefly created from our from true story. But I don't know if you remember the moody movie Rudy, but he was just a walk on, was just getting beaten into the ground. And at one point, one of the pulling guards just ran right by he got mad. You don't pretend like you know, nothing you into the ground. And yeah. I think there is a sign of respect that the United States once again it's the World Cup did. This is. This is in a peewee soccer game in which the other team at superior and the other team is kind to learn how to play the game, you're going against this is the cream of the crop. Visit the best twenty fourteen Thailand had qualified to get here gifted this. They qualified make it to the World Cup as I mentioned. They were in the woke up in two thousand fifteen they wanna game, they'd be Ivory Coast three to, you know, not considered one of the premier teams in the world ranking wise, but they still qualified make it into a twenty four team tournament. And you know, it's funny, Jim, I think a little bit about the greatest basketball team ever assembled the drink came in nineteen Ninety-two, and rightfully so I mean I loved watching head team. I love reading about that team. You know what they did in their first game they beat Angola by sixty eight points. I mean, isn't that a little comparable? I mean I sixteen to forty eight. That's a pretty good beatdown, but let's face it, the, the last five players on the American roster. That year the bottom five could probably have at least contended for the bronze medal. Sure. Let's talk to is in Cleveland. Yeah. I mean seriously. Again. Pardon? There's only so much you can do. There is only so much you can do a short of just flat out throwing a game. I mean. Nobody wants to watch that. I mean, that would be that would be embarrassing. This is Joe in Cleveland who calls in. Hello Joe Jim. Could you guys? So a couple of things I used to coach girls soccer team, which is my daughters, and I m for about ten years on the same pearls that they were fifteen. And we coached I coached him in some, some club teams and pretty big tournaments. And we got our butts handed to us quite a bit of tournaments because these young and they wanna do you know. We chose to get into bracket in one, the one coach, hold out one. It was a eleven personal goalie on the field in in the one coach. Hold on girl. I do not will that out because what you're doing to me. I think there are seven nothing as you're doing my curls and showing them that, that you have, I don't want you showing day gift video, my girls, they need to learn from this. So my whole point is, is that United States going, you know, winning thirteen and nothing. I have no problem with it east girls work here tire lives. So the time they were probably four or five years, old, going up playing club soccer traveling all over the country, all over the world college, whatever it might have been to get to this point of the World Cup competing with the best in the world. Like your your guests at indigo. They had to qualify to get there just like the United States by versa. It's not United States problem that time just didn't watch the game. Because it show up. No effort. There was no effort on defense. They give enough. The people there was nobody. That's hacking anything in the United States side. So what are they supposed to do? They supposed to do you know play keep away admits the old now. 'cause now you're just respecting them that way. So it's, you know, you're gonna have your people who really don't understand Stocker itself, that are gonna say, oh, my God. This is such a disgrace. It's not a disgrace. It's part of the game. You're not playing a game in respite league. You're playing a game in world stage. Everybody's watching it. And if you don't want this to happen in the committee needs to take away the points differential dabble solve all this. That's all I have to say. I will. Thank you, by the way, for, for, for helping young kids learned team, sports and competitiveness. And all the other things that that a coach and a role model can do. I'm wondering about that, that substitution rule quite frankly Tim Murray, it would seem that. That will be honest with you. When I first heard that, I thought, why what's the point? Yes. Good question. And honestly, I think that the last caller might be more better than me. But I think mainly Jim most games you in -ticipant than to be close. And when you play a game that you need such great endurance, like soccer, I think you don't want to allow teams to just freely substitute and get fresh bodies in there. I think that's part of the strategy. If it is a close game. If it's you know, one one and the eighty eighth minute and you know if it's part of the coaching strategy to figure out what player you wanna sub in and out because after is such an incredible game of endurance where you're running the length of the field for, you know, for for ninety minutes. So I think that's part of the strategy in the mindset of blowouts is really in in that part of the substitute ferret of. All right. Thank you, Tim. Jerry, cools to the daily line three to seven PM at NBC sports dot com, their website to follow him on Twitter at the numeral one one. 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