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He said kevin johnson had been moving from his natural right guard. Because of the presence of dave decastro would to castro's with decastro release datsuns future at right guard. I'm i'm going to my me to answer. I want get i go ahead. My answer is i think they're going to keep him at left guard. Because trade turner is a natural right guard and what he's played his career. And i think dotson is fine either way but i don't know that that set in stone i think all let's just say this i didn't have this as one of my five because i had other things that are more important but this would be one of those training camp questions that we would get that. It'll work itself out in training. Camp is dot dot dots moving to the right with with turner or something else that the left or are they gonna put turner and where where to. Castro wasn't keep dotson where they wanted to. Because honestly i could see dotson and szucs working well together a battery while again. I don't know so that's just one of those things that you know. They're going to figure it out. I i was right. Where you were with that one I think that dotson has more swing to his game than he had to have. He played a rocky play both last year. Yes so I could see if it worked out. He would stay at left guard and let trae turner play the right guard. But yeah that's why we go into me. That's why we have training camp. That's where we figure these things out. I can't remember who brought this up if it was another commented on the website or if it was jeffrey benedict comments of an article but the issue brought up where someone was criticizing kinder- green for only playing only having four games at center last year. Okay here's the deal. Kendrick green could play center or guard. I i need to look up. Who the name. There's another lineman for illinois. Who's going back this year. That was also a very good linemen. That could play center. Who could play guard but not as good as guard is what kendrick green offered so the question is do you get your two best lineman out there and even the one of them even though greed might have been the better center he was just by far the better guard in order to get them into positions. That's what you do. And that was that situation so some people that are like oh kindergarten didn't pay enough so it's that's why it's because of trying to get your best players on the field. It didn't mean that he couldn't do it anyway. Let's go to the next one. We've got steel dog. Eighty eight five bucks tip jar. Thank you very much you says love. The signing of ingram adds depth and will allow for rotation to keep guys fresh. That's exactly what we're saying there to get into that rotation but now instead of that you know i mean you had a nice rotation last year but now instead of that rotation guy being you know having to veterans and our rookie. Now you got to veterans and a second year guy. So you know we're really. If you think about it you could see some improvement me. I want to say better balance in the rotation. Yeah yeah exactly. Yeah that's that's exactly what what you need because even last year sometimes it seemed like well it was high smith on the one side for duprey but sometimes for what it was it. Was you know a dehnieh. Or you know. And they've done that in the past where they've rotated or j. row now he was around and stuff like that. Were kept the rotation. But one of the things. Jeffrey benedict pointed out is income can play both sides. You really can't get a good..

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