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Maybe one them just now by voting for the mower alexa i was just i was gonna ask you if that one guy from that one band was going to be there but you said and more yeah there's lore that's the same at suspend out i was i woulda so we had the boehner candidate number one burned to the ground of the pastor in washington state i believe who said that schools where teaching hiv and gender identity and nature hiv they're not teaching hiv they're teaching hiv infection and prevention they should burn those schools the ground hiss ne i remember that chapter in the bible where jesus murder school was added i think that was right every through the money lenders out lewis have view any went and burned some schools with maybe maybe i'm wrong with your desire exactly right and then boater canada number two cafeteria classes them you know if you make a hundred dollar donation to the pga we'll give your student the past week just go right to the front of a one sean james seem to think this was a good idea i just want to go to the front of the lunch lunch well you know and then the other thing that's of course it's it's you know only the rich kids would get to do that but then the other part of that is who wants to go to the front of looks wind at school i mean really want to be the first person with a horrible food and then now boehner candidate number three burning the scooter was a logical response to the situation a guy crashed his scooter and his solution to the problem of his crash crashed scooter was to set it on fire oh let's see the um the loss 80s tickets were won by sean i guess it is s h e a n and the winner of the voters in that's because you think that was just made up boehner candidate number one burnham's of the ground i checked canada goes forward to boehner fight and will possibly become boehner of the day we do that at nine twenty five well look a brian brandenburg comecon here and he's going to be part of the geek news carey.

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