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Friday riding. Can we get a Monday holiday? Uh, next week to July nine. Greetings, 10 minutes after seven o'clock. I was thinking about this on the way in this morning. A number of a number of cars behind me were flashing their brights at me. I was in the left lane I'm doing like 5 10 miles over the speed limit, But at the hour we come in. Average speed is about 110. So people wanted me to get out of the way and Do you find that when somebody flashes their brights behind you that that's more aggravating than If if the someone's honking the horn Is it more aggressive? I think it's more aggressive to flash your brights. I I think when they kind of veer onto the shoulder a little bit like just, uh, not not all the way on but just to kind of like they're going to pass you on the on the left shoulder. I haven't encountered much of that. No, they usually get the tailgater. Flashing at me? Yeah, I I've had that day, Dave. And it's a little frightening because you just don't know what they're doing. And then also recently when this has happened to me, the car will pass me then on the right and I just don't look at them because I assume they're giving me the finger or, you know, doing something else. I just tried Just try to focus on what I'm doing. You should. What willpower? I mean, that's that's the question When that happens, do you or or if you're the person passing someone. Do you give a look at the at the driver in the car? You better not look straight ahead there. You're right, Dave. Yeah? You can't. You can't be sure what's going on. Everybody's angry and, you know, sometimes I think to myself. Am I becoming my father? Um do I really should I really get into that far right lane and just, you know, both hands on the wheels white knuckle at home. Well, I'm sure Vicky will tested this. There's just more road rage than ever, isn't there? Nobody has patients anymore, right? And you know, during the pandemic people got used to no traffic, too. So now you you now you really have somewhere to be. Yeah, You got cars back, and, uh, you know, so Peace and love. Everyone, Please, just calm down. Just calm down out there. But I didn't mean to flash my lights as you by the way was that you and I was on the other side with my finger up. It's a good thing. I just looked straight ahead. Peace and love, peace and love. Thank you, Ringo. It's uh Almost 7 13. We're going to talk and a little bit to the guy in charge of the wind Ella boats because the water taxi is back, so we'll find out about that. And in just a moment here, we'll get some extremely local news from Black Club Chicago. It's gonna be a little cool down by the lake front, but not too bad. Let's get the latest on that, Steve. It's going to be about 75 away from the lake and about 71 by the lakefront so not much difference there. We've got an east wind coming in at 5 to 10 MPH, which might help us blow some of these showers that we've been watching this morning in light rain. South and west and southwest of the.

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