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That song was originally called nine to five and came out in the same year whereas the movie nine to five and then when the song which was a massive hit in Australia which of course Sheena Easton native country that was retitled morning train green and this is what pop music was in nineteen eighty. Chris that's why I needed Nirvana twelve years later. This I was tapping my toes. It's a great song are you saying it's Kinda Corny. It's not very fight the power but she needs to choose a big deal. She British Hershey Australian. I don't know I was looking at the nine to five childish Scottish. If he's not Scottish clap nothing. You're right I was just trying to resist making another highlander joke because I think three in one episode. You know what that reminds me did highland today. We're actually watch the highlander. Listen to the highlander episode. Is that one of our more popular. I thought it was going to be released that it was like. Oh Yeah it's it's going through the roof through the roof. Let's see tailender. It's okay it's not. It's not one of the. It'll be sleeper. I'm sure we'll check out the top five episodes of the podcast. You're number one Bohemian. rhapsody of course number two jaws of course number three three. You'll never guess monkey chats correct number four. You'll never yes. You'll never get to be last Unicorn but I'M GONNA missile robocup no the ballot. Buster scruggs. Oh you know what I remember seeing strange among the many things. I've learned doing this podcast with you. That episode taught me something very fundamentally important about yourself. Which is I'm always right about movies? No light it taught me. It taught me that what you hear and what you think are not always true. Boy Is that right. I'm not talking about myself. No I'm with you. I agree that movie came and went as far as the conversation. Starters on the Internet are concerned. It wasn't a Bohemian rhapsody however he was vastly popular film and vastly popular episode of the podcast. Just goes to show you that what you're dead. Sheep will oh he's not necessarily what's really going on. Remember that that's a good point. I think though there might be the overlap between Chins scratchy Cohen. Brothers enthusiast's podcast listeners. Maybe crisper doesn't explain. Monkey shines or National Lampoon's vacation which is the fifth most downloaded episode. Ever of the PODCAST. I anyway. Marian Mercer love her. I think she's like what we would call that guy in a male actor. I don't know what we call it in. I don't like saying actress actor so so that woman just doesn't have the same ring as the character actor Guy But she's indispensable. I like that kind of actor because this sort of thing is like she does. Is this thing and it's like if you do that. And it gets known people need that in movies quite a bit. I think like Dabney Coleman. There's something about her. I think because of her height and her thinness there's a sort of regal bearing that she has and yet she has such a comedic sensibility. That yeah she can seem high status but it doesn't feel threatening in the same way. Wouldn't be for soap. Opera would well in a comedy like this. Of course Erling Hayden for crying out loud is in this movie weird. Yeah I mean it was. It was not the best. Ask Part of the movie but it was also fleeting one scene. Sure literally odd scene. It's an Colin Higgins. First of all who who was the director and writer but did not play Wedge Antilles in Star Wars now. I don't know if you've noticed that was that what he's listed as. Yes yes and no you see. There was another Colin Higgins who is one of the three actors to play Wedge Antilles Shoe that we're actually in a new hope. Can we get away from Wedge Antilles his instead of the guy from local euro. Save this guy named Colin Higgins who are then got to be known in the Star Wars community as fake Wedge Hogshead TAT dogged him for the rest of his life and then ended up dying years ago so he died too so there are no existing. Well Count Gins is dead this colleagues. Yeah they're no Colin Higgins's left but the other Wedge Antilles until he says we believe me I- Chagrin the day that I decided to funny Wedge Antilles Post on the facebook page. which you every day I get a hundred notifications of additional comments? God No wonder those two guys just quit out of fear of Fan Service morning to the Internet the any he is in David benef- and game of thrones guys like you said it was a little bit heartbreaking. I don't think Sterling Hayden was great in that role. She supposed to be like colonel. Is He supposed to be like Kentucky. Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders. Like I don't know whose idea that would kind of by corporate titan. Is that the other guy you talked about Henry Henry Jones or whatever the Henry Jones but actually so I thought he was hilarious. He was a better. Why would you make that character particularly southern? I don't know who is neither so funny. North Korea probably because it was Sterling Hayden. And he's probably got an idea and the director is probably like it's fucking Sterling Hayden. I mean sure go for in the commentary track. Apparently they were saying that part of the reason why he looks a little bit Out of it it during the scene is he needed to cards to remember his lines. So Wisconsin look at me and he wasn't. I guess as experienced doing that as say like Marlon Brando Autumn. It was also again not not a great scene rushing to shoot inclusion even to the point of sending Dabney Coleman off to Brazil which is why would you got here. That's so great trial but I guess I guess in nineteen eighty. We saw Brazil is some sort of horrible fate to be sentenced to and even we. You know the the movie card rules string Bikini on him and then when he gets boiled or eaten alive or something here is appears he gets Oh. He's an APP kidnapped by what I think. I don't remember direct phrase that they use that something Yeah something along those lines..

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