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Yeah yeah blimey there like i said they're great dinosaur moments and really scary scares four stars infrasctructure world fallen kingdom and the other film of note this week full disclosure none of us have yet seen it but were very excited to see it and it is mcqueen which is a documentary about the late fashion designer alexander mcqueen lee lee mcqueen israel alexander's is which is he used because it was pasha documentary in almost two parts his rise to fame in the nineties and all the crazy stuff that was going on their loss of fatigue from his shows really visually arresting and then we then moved to the side end of his life and career which you know because of the n t obviously committed suicide but it's a by all accounts tremendous documentary really good on the ninety stuff and you know really well emotional inside by the end and i guess brought into sharp relief and and made props even more relevant strange right by the the death is death this week of kate's mate absolutely i think it just goes to show high success and apparently wonderful life is no protection against the disease is depression and yeah lots to her family and francis we absolutely have say i was always mcqueen skeptic and then i went to the exhibition that vna did on him a couple years ago it was phenomenal obsolete incredible work so i am very much quincy this this weekend i'm sorry i have not seen already did likewise recently the old day jobs beginning away but i know that people think my day job is to watch films it isn't always.

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