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And I were talking about it. It's like guy who did not create character, grossly misunderstands character, creating a movie for advice. They would've boils down to. I have no problem with Batman killing people. But that meant kill somebody. It's got a mess. Batman up. Has got to go through psychologically when he kills people. You should not want to isn't that sort of the plotline man steel, which is kinda weird that he kind of flipped those roles. Right. Like superman is one big thing is he never wants to co anyone even generals odd at the end of steel like he does everything has power to stop him to not kill him, but has to kill him to save other people and then like that's like fucks him up. And it's weird remnants kinda make that superman thing and not Batman thing. Like, you're trying to say true. I don't know, man. I just I just know this would have been a lot easier for Batman if he just killed the joker dark. Knight would a lot easier. But he's your other is a joke that Zach Snyder told that went around a bit as a some people took it face value think and I I thought it was real one point. But apparently it's a joke where Snyder made a comment that they consider making Martha Wayne in Martha Kent the same person and the idea is that after Martha Wayne was shot. She was put into witness protection, Kansas and became more akin. This was a joke. The people thought it was real now would've been yeah. We've been kind of riled first off if it wasn't a joke in second off. They did it, but they didn't in. It was a joke. Let me let me read another one of the quotes. He says it's a cool point of view to be like my heroes are still innocent. My heroes. Didn't fucking light America. My heroes. Didn't bells embezzle money from their corporations. My heroes didn't any atrocities. That's cool. You're living in a fucking dream world. But like, you are it's superheroes. I like I get because we've talked before there are real world things you can act. We talked about like Black Panthers of big big reason why Black Panthers because it had a lot of real world commentary and he's not wrong in some respects either. I I will say that. I don't totally disagree with his viewpoint. But like his anger and saying it is just what rubbed the wrong way. Because again, it's not your character, man. Like, it isn't you didn't make Batman like that's just not what Batman is a Wonder wonder if if. greatest showman yet? Okay. So. I I get what he's saying. That's his take on too. That's that's the curve he likes to take with superheroes. And I get that. I just feel from a what people want marketability standpoint and twenty nineteen people were kind of over that like really gritty dark, my superheroes at tortured soul type of person. Now, they want machine gun Kelly. Machine gun Kelly. They want him in the first couple minutes of the dirt make just get into some hijinks. But they the obviously the direction the DC movies are taken as more light hearted, the moral movies have always been that way. And it seems to be working. Well, that's not to say like a grittier darker take on a superhero movie can't be done again. And it hasn't been done recently like shit like Logan was really good. But I think the thing about Logan for me was like the post apocalyptic setting of that world really necessitated is character and like the choices in his feelings in the decision. He made it was a hopeless situation. And I think it all depends on the context of the movie, if you put your superhero in like overly hopeless situation than like, you really have no choice, but to kill the..

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