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Game FIFA 23 will include Ted Lasso and the team AFC Richmond. Dave Johnson, WTO sports The top stories we're following this morning on WTO P, the Justice Department has once again allowed to access documents seized from former president Trump's home, a panel of federal appeals court judges lifted a district judge's order yesterday that had barred DoJ from doing that. The department is investigating whether the records were mishandled or compromised. The house has passed legislation that overhauls the rules for certifying the results of a presidential election. The legislation amends the 135 year old electoral count act, which governs how states and Congress certify electors and declare winners of the presidential election. Democrats are pushing for passage of the bill before the 2024 election cycle as Donald Trump considers another run at The White House. Local man accused of attacks on 5 homeless men in the district in New York City has been indicted on murder charges, Gerald bavard lives in the district in one of those attacks a man inside a burning tantalum New York avenue was killed. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is scheduled to testify today in a trial over how much in damages he'll pay for calling the sandy hook school shooting and Connecticut a hoax, an FBI agent who responded to the shooting and the families of 8 children and adults who died are suing Jones a total of 21st graders and 6 educators were killed at the school in 2012. Victims relatives have given emotional testimony during the trials first 6 days about being traumatized by Jones and others who said the shooting was fake. 7 18. Traffic

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