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Heard some comments from the Jerry Jones's son the VP of player personnel. For the Dallas Cowboys Stephen Jones heard some comments that he said that he felt were disparaging against him. And he went off Steven Jones was on with siriusxm NFL radio and basically said something. To the effect of it'll be good to see Dak without having to have guys like Dez and Jason in his, ears in his ear because, those are great players and they always want the ball, problem was siriusxm metaphor Radio just tweeted it out with the quote about Dez and left off. Whitten so Dez rightfully so thought he was being pretty heavily criticized so he when all. In called Sean Lee a snake said that Sean Lee was the reason that he was no longer with the Cowboys, and he's tweeting through it, Jay hoodies continuing to tweet as we speak his mind Yes he is. And here's the thing about those Bryant, for those wondering what kind of career has Dez Bryant, had he, has been, a difference making wide receiver there's no doubt he's been around the league since. Two thousand ten and, he's been the, league for he's going to, be eight, seasons but I look at pro football reference with Dez Bryant here's some names for you his numbers are equivalent to John Jefferson Mike Wallace Percy Harbin AJ green Antonio Freeman OJ mcduffie. Robert. Brooks David, Boston not. Necessarily the, who's who's who's that wide receivers in the National Football League so my point is is that yes he is a terrific receiver but, man, hopefully this will not deter him from being able to get to a. Good spot for him to be able to extend his career. And put up those numbers that he wants, to yes I mean you're right I mean there was a there was a brief period of time where does was I. Mean if. It wasn't the best receiver of the game He was, certainly up there but it was a brief period but? It, was a. Couple of years or he put up some big time numbers but we signed the big deal with? The Cowboys and and since that his play. Has just continued to decline and he's he's been in a lineup, with injuries and so mean the Cowboys for for multiple reasons decided, to move on from him and look I mean he's. Not one of the best. Receivers the game anymore but I mean, he's he's still productive enough that the reason it seems, that he's, not Onny, currently on a roster the training camp starting and he's not he's not signed. Because of this I, mean it it's, he was released and he, goes on, a rampage talking about Garrod guys and guys that that your stabbed him in the back it wasn't gonna name names but that he was upset about those guys that stabbed him in. The, back and, it's like. Does what, do you think that says the thirty one other owners in organizations like they there is a certain level of production that you have Put up in order for, people to be willing to put up with that and So now then, he he's he's on, Twitter and you know, he's probably upset he's gotta be upset, former pro athlete basically right at this point the training camp started with the team and that's if you're used, to every year of your, life going to training camp at this time of year you're not you're at home That that's got to upset you who's this agent where's the where's the advice and wants to be all, he needed by the way By the way Iraq nation Well here's the thing are. A. You in this situation man it only took a little something. For to send him off then little something was something that was an Eric, tweets actually from Sirius XM and it only took him that much for him to explode on the, Cowboys, and give his frustration, Hugh he will work again he'll have another someone. Will pick up Dez Bryant the point is that the term. Making which is a salient one. Is, not a good. Look. Yes you were disappointed yes you couldn't get over the. The mountaintop with Cowboys this this isn't because now if people didn't noble or they know now the book on Dez Bryant based on how some teammates. Might. Have felt about him yes so I mean he called Sean Lee, snake Lee And attributed. Attributed. His unceremonious ending with the Cowboys to Sean Lee That's not very clever by the way It's so I mean Sean Lee In Oxnard, California Cowboys camp after practice, tonight I was asked about it and here's what Sean. Lee had to say about it.

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