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Was like with the gift card. Even be seventy nine thousand five hundred dollars. Yeah so that. Would that would be nice to think john basketball. Either by seventy eight items for. I just said i don't need three percent off this boat. Yeah that's there's we're smart marketing people and it's it has my dad convinced that he's going to get into these hobbies that him and i both know he's never get into. He was like. I was looking into getting a two person. Kayak remain your mom. You live on a farm. Yeah there is no body of water one near you and also. You've never been kayaking. I shouldn't be the one to have to tell you this. You know better. don't do that. You will never text me. She does not wanna do this. You drive a sedan. How are you going to get this. Kayak home new car and then we'll put in a pond in the backyard or we're gonna five hundred dollars off. It's ended up costing me a hundred grand to do all this evening. We car payment. And then you know the laws. Don't get them took the bass pro. I think first. Vine i ever deleted like made uploaded than was like this was bad and it's obvious deleted was We were near bass pro. I don't know if we went there specifically for this or we're near it. But i thought it be just hilarious to have me my buddy. One of the display boats a- bass pro and then start really like uptight on a tight on us and go and say man she dumped me like looks like we're in the same boat and the pan out and were sitting about was. That was twenty three. You're heke idea that's hilarious. Even that didn't get any of us at that point. Learn that's my that's my Probably the only time. I've footing bass pro content. Just can't turn it off. Can't turn the machine off which i could. He won like a random drawing for five hundred dollars the best pro. I think it was merit based. I think he did a good job at his work and he was granted. Five hundred dollars. Oh okay so good for him. That's great. That's how that's how i'm going to start doing. Great man i. So i just thought instead of just you. What's better money. Here's the thousand dollars to bass pro. Lena great yeah then junior dad and a kayak finally arc pond kayaking. This pond is maybe one hundred square feet. Going that's hilarious. The last would fishing. I i don't think i've maybe once and i was like i know. Oh my gosh. Oh my god. It's the worst activity. But i can't even believe i bring your bait and bring your own. I don't know patients probably need to bring you bring that not just. I don't like a fish on there. i just don't get the even the thrill of it. No you're not into it. no. I don't know that hunting. I've never been hunting. Yeah i'd ever been hunting. Probably never will like. Let's shoot these birds and just like i don't really care why there's nothing me that wants to chew birds or like get fired up about done. I don't know if i could hunt at like a normal. Our normal temperature. I would maybe say yesterday invitation. But every time i've been invited a hunting the saturday mccolm free going home with us. Maybe what time. Well we're getting up before the sunrise and it'll be about forty two we know. That's when the deer suspected overdoing it. We have to iowa so we'll pick up about two fifteen. Oh and also don't want anything nice to dump deer urine all over your body. Yeah it helps you. Don't skip the coffee because you have to delay perfectly still basically for hours in the bushes just picture like also what's your resting heart rate right because you can't be breathing too. It's like a super cold six hour. Mri you just have to lie there. Perron a while holding a rifle Until a tiny pheasant makes itself known just wants to do that. And then i shoot the pheasant and go now what you did. It make it put into truck. You're going to have pheasant dinner. i'm like. I don't want that you could cook this. I'm sure it's fine. But i that seems like a lot of ordeal or i could walk down the street and have seared chicken breasts. Yeah yeah what. I've heard it similar like gulf now. I'm currently pretty into gulf. And i was kind of always like i don't know about golf. So maybe you know maybe life goes on you you kind of get get fired up for i- fishing. I get a little more. If you're catching like nice fresh delicious fish deep-sea fishing that you then cook or something kind of maybe rewarding release. What does that is what. I really don't understand really imagine if what's the fun. That's the whole point right to catch the fish and you got it now. That's like like we finally found ted bundy like all right. You can go. We'll be the it i mean. I think this is probably just the difference in why you're married and i'm not more of a catch and release guy and you want to hang onto okay. She says you like me off you. Obviously who get back to my kite. Work for one or katie's dad. He would like deep sea fishing. We like it was cool because like we ate the tuna cod but he said it took them like twelve hours to catch this. Like hundred pound tuna. Like i mean i could have just run to cosco. What's like the most country boy activity you'll do. Like how country do you get. I can get pretty much. All i went to Deep fried cow testicles one. When was this glo. Caf ryan music festival. Who was headlining. Don't oh toba the turnpike to before you told me. Don't tell me like. I know that you know. Don't tell me don't tell me. Don't tell me it was chill. I don't am not the i. I mean the lake a group go into like a redneck lake. Yes fun yet. Wouldn't fish in it you ever year. We get into dipping. No you know are not too from your parks. A lot of people in the baseball team were dipping. Okay good little. Good little sheltered boy. I might have done it. Had they not just riddled me with terrible warnings. Like now you can have this. Why don't do it. it's awful. Do not swallow. You're going to get very sick your first time doing pretty busy. Do you want this before you step up to the plate. No you guys are all. Do you wanna try this the first five times you do it. I mean you just wanna die so power through that and then it's and then it's kind of like the so-so so does that so we end. It's oh we for sure. No it gives you cancer so all that one. We're it's weird it's like well. I'm struggling to make the starting nine as it is. I don't think i to be busier than i. Currently am any that. Yeah so no didn't get on it too much. Maybe someday country thing you do did. We'll do. I grew up bass fishing quite a bit. Those kind of country recco.

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