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I think more will come out that there, and I mean, I'm just guessing but subpoenas pretty serious in. And I think if more even older comes out, and there's you know, there's no telling how much the FBI has this is not the NCAA or some newspaper. This is the FBI probably have a paper trail who knows moral probably come out there. Now, I just I just can't see way coming back. And then she investigation will thinking back on that probably. So and I think that's why this spend it today to to look better in the. Is of a pending investigation. If that's possible Glenn. What's been the reaction? We know the reaction from the university. What what's the average fan saying down there? Well, the average fan yesterday was just totally dismissing it, you know, most of the fans I heard from social media and so forth. But totally dismissing it saying, it was fake news and so forth, you know, people do now. And I think they are really shocked that that this has happened. And it's it's so to them, and you know, I think a lot of people never quite got the fact that this is the FBI and subpoenas and we're waiting on tape. And it doesn't matter that he's on tape because in this may have been published because the attorney for Christian Dawkins wants to get all the coaches because Christian Dawkins, the agent runner was was found guilty in October of wire tapping wire fraud, you know, his attorney wants to get all the coaches, but none of that matters. What matters there's on tape and. And we'll wait is on tape. And and that's why this was so serious. Even a lot of people didn't wanna think he was serious yesterday. Glenn? How does this? Make Joe Aleve. A look or does it really matter considering what happened today, but it did hire him got a lot of credit for hiring him. I believe did I read correctly leave is is in the middle of his own contract conversations. Well, right now, he's just on under contract for more than a year through July of two thousand twenty and. You know? He may well a lot of people expect him to be done in July twenty even before this. But you know, I think you'll leave it did the right thing today. Well, it isn't. I do Glenn. I mean, how how how could he not have how I mean, the whole were how could you let this man coast. Tomorrow's my question. Right. Well, because he's already done Jolie was already done in a year. No, let's see what you're saying. So so he didn't have the self preservation motivation to to keep, but you know, we'll wait had a bit of a reputation when when LSU hired him. So, you know, leave them they will be criticized for not looking at him closely. Playing smart. I want to go back to that. As we wrap up. It just seems to me that if the university was some knowledge, let's play they put themselves in even more harms way. But your your best guesses that they're in on smart at least for now. Yeah. They didn't announce his spending today along with Wade. So that you could do that. He's he's gonna play. But it would be smart Avila shoes not not to let him play. And and and spent him as well. But you know, if the NCAA penalizes LSU for this. They would forfeit the game. He's he's already been in conceivably. So he's already been in just about every game. So, you know, again, you arrived the Bank spend the money for you may be. We are talking Louisiana. I keep forgetting. That's right. That's right. But you know, we'll see tomorrow that'll be interesting to watch. The actually does play address out. You know, that that's all they they keep suspensions of players so forth secret moving and not to make you repeat the obvious. You've already said it, but it's your gas. Will Wade has coached his last game at LSU. Yes. I would say so. Glenn many. Thanks..

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