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50 in eastbound direction between Ponderosa Road and Shingle Springs Road. We have a vehicle that caught on fire over to the shoulder and traffic is passing by in the left lane, CHP officers and the fire department handling this and you're travelling on bark so far so good. No problems to report. It just doesn't feel like summer without an ice Cold Coca Cola in your hand, stopped by your local convenience store today and grab a 20 outs bottle of Coca Cola or Coca Cola zero sugar or pick up even more delicious refreshment with a 20 ounce bottle of diet Coke, Sprite or Fanta. So no matter how you soak in that summer sun at home or on the go grab an ice Cold Coca Cola today and enjoy Section that was holy God Gosh, nobody does it better. We don't want another incident Hero. Good. Yeah, It's such a bizarre apologized for that. Alright, Go, go White people require Armstrong and get ready. No, I just walked in the room. Do I smell like hotdogs as faras? You compelled not aware of it. And I'm not that close to you. I'm not getting a percent more on that later. Live from Studio C. J. R gently lead room deep within the bowels of the Armstrong and getting communications compound And today pump up the music like this is an intervention party. Under the tutelage of our general manager, conspiracy.

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