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Senator gary camic of union cetera they so it's about recreation it's about respect the bill finally solves the problem that's looted us for years legislatures had a hard time coming to a compromise bill you know sportsman who want unrestricted access and laid older zero what anybody well no doubt so in and it'll the legislature has been i think well represented both interests but to the point where they haven't been able to find a compromise so i'm wondering if you think this is a good one three three six thirteen twenty one eight hundred two two eight forty four thirty five the debates when they started like you ten o'clock yesterday morning within in the last night and i'm not at all surprised i wondered in fact whether they would come to an agreement you never know you come to the they count votes where are you add they try to determine for your call the special session you don't want to bring everyone the pierre only to find that you get enough people to actually pass something or white's upbeat for nothing so the debate whether the last night centered on how soon the legislature should again take up the conversation unknown meandered waters so that's when someone suggested a sunset prevision and special committee so lawmakers will continue their we'll continue their study of this issue while they're they prepare something for the next session of the legislature.

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