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Many wins. And in fact some day really could become a franchise broncos. That's crazy to think about right. I mean just the fact that we. I mean a lot of us even listen. I kind of changed my tune. I started rooting for them. A sort of thinking seems going to go with him. But i mean we all set it at some point last season drew lock is not the future for the broncos and he still might not be but there's just a different feel with this guy now maybe the off season having a real off season maybe having another year pat shurmur. Maybe all those things were really the big big issues with drew law class year. I guess we're gonna find out. But zach when you look at this roster defensively and then this line wide receiver. I a little excited in the first hour. I mean if drew could be average. Are we talking about a playoff team. Here absolutely brady. That's all team needs as average quarterback play and this team is going to make the playoffs this year. Because what they're going to be built on defense they should be a top three defense. I hate when people say you know deepened. Should be a top top ten defense. Of course they should be. They should really be one of the best unit in the league. I think you should really put the cap at five. They should be a top five defense. They should live on the ground. And look they have the four ties. Paid running back. And melvin gordon this year and they traded up in the second round to go get devante williams and then they paid a couple of million bucks for mike boone. Who is still sidelined. But he is going to be a part of this rotation when he comes back healthy. So that's what they're gonna live on in everything with that says that they should be good. And then the wide receivers and tight ends are just huge weapons for whoever. The quarterback is Whether it's true or teddy my biggest concern right now and it did not seem like it was a concern. Going into this. Season is the offensive line Really from from every all five positions on the offensive line. I've seen some things in training camps that make me a little worried about garrett bowles i'm not pressuring pressing the panic button yet. The interior of the offensive line had been the shakiest part of this team. So far which is just a little concerning because dalton writing are supposed to take that step up lloyd cushenberry you would. So you were hoping would take step up and graham blasco. You're paying them over ten million dollars you hope he would be really good and then you still don't know the right tackle position so at the offensive line can be good. That's going to help the quarterback. Allot what are we thinking for. The right tackle position You know if you look at the like espn cbs. Or whatever the depth chart they have massey as the starter is but kelvin anderson. Of course we've heard his name a lot. What how do you think that's going to wrap up your boy vic. Fangio is a huge calvin anderson fan. But i do agree with all of those other websites. I do think it's going to be bobby. Massie getting the start at right. Tackle for the broncos this year calvin anderson your swing tackle. You may see him in there. Getting getting a lotta snapped at right tackle. This year because bobby has not been able to stay healthy over the past two years including this off season and then what you may see is if housing anderson does get snapped and plays well..

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