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Let's cooler than a billion dollars to billy two billion dollars a taco commercial you know why not both we want stakes in these movies and i do think some characters will die even rewatching age of ultra quicksilver death hits me more now because i kind of liked his portrayal of the character but i i think i i don't think the head guys the big guys maybe if evans just wants out that's how you replace him underrated actor to chris evans as really grown into the riot tyler johnson oh yeah he's great i like to see him come back in some you know thanos fucks up the universe and then they have to reshape it and quicksilver still alive and he doesn't have an accent and the expert here now mutants and and jack henry cavill the fuck you doing here in the second part of the question is the whole gender switch in movies i ghost busters indiana jones a good idea or should they stick to something original for women i think the problem is when they make something good in original and no one sees it for example annihilation which i still think is the best film so far twenty eighteen i just have problems at reboots and remakes general i don't care about the gender switzer anything like that you know studios are always going to try to make money on a sure thing which is why they will continue to get remakes and reboots and sequels and film over just want more original films in general so i think that's the problem is just the lack of rigid originality in hollywood but i think i think we're seeing a lot more of it i think red letter media makes a great point about nine elation i had the strong female lead lead casts and such a great movie and no one's propping it up no one wants to go see no one's talking about it but when it's like ghostbusters indiana jones that moves the needle more so studios are just gonna decide to do that instead the problem with ghostbusters to wasn't the fact that it was starring all women the yes the screenplay.

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