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All they there was just moved down the street. That's all that was all All right. right. They win anywhere. Hey, listen, we got a, we got Lauren corn sitting here, but go, but make sure you keep calling us even though we're not on radio for next couple months. He's go. All right, good. Talk as win, Lauren corn, hillbilly headlines, correspondence joins us. Now, Lauren, we just just a little while ago. We had your your good buddy. The sheriff from Volusia Kenny on. And he says, he said, it's been an interesting summer down in y'all's part of the world. Always interesting. My goodness. Where do we begin. You just go ahead and tell us the weirdest stores you've been working on because I just will sit back and have my coffee and listen to the wonder. Perfect. All right. He's probably talking a one of the stories we had over the summer. Our airport was evacuated because a guy stuff a backpack into the wall with the woman's bathroom. Bear that was under construction and started yelling about bomb threats. Right? Who's making bomb threats when deputies showed up evacuated everyone and they found him riding around naked on the luggage care. So that's. That's. There. Lauren, wait a minute reckon lines. You show up to report on this. Did you physically go to report on this? Okay. Okay. You can't just leave that there. I'm sorry, I want paint. Pull out your your brush. You have an empty can actually, you don't have an empty canvas because you have a naked man on the carousel as your canvas, how do you to paint this for me, what it? What was that moment? Like. It's kind of, well, we can't curse on here. So it's kinda like that w t.f moment, you know what is happening and you know, these people are I, this is a smaller airport, you know, so we don't have bowel. We've been clout. That good amount. Okay. So good amount and everybody staying out here. You know, they can't leave and they're just what what's going on with hearing. There's a naked man and naked man and some people that they actually saw? Yeah, he was just riding around screaming, shouting on the carousel naked. Saturday morning in Volusia county right there. Yeah. Lesson learned do not do drugs. That's when the sheriff was just telling us about the eight or nine creepy dudes hanging out in the park. And yesterday had a picture book. Some of that stuff on TV. So. Oh. Is that your biggest challenge is describing these things own television because you have to be. Yeah, yeah. Well, not only not laugh, but like you have to report on some the things that you report on our so outlandish. And some of it includes FCC violations on hourly basis. You have to be a crafty writer as well. Yes, yes, you do. I want to give them to full of fact, but out sharing everything because he can't. So yes, you have to be creative. Choose your words wisely and you only have a minute fifteen or minute thirty to talk about it, and people don't understand how difficult that is to do a story in ninety seconds. It's really hard. It's easy, especially when you're talking about an old boy who. Had a couple of too many come drugs morning and decided he was going to turn into care sale. So what so what? What? What else we got wheels we're working on. All right. Let's see. We had an off-duty beach safety police officer. He decided to steal one hundred seventy bucks and a beach umbrella from a woman's car at a restaurant. On camera to, of course. Oh, and then he takes off. The woman goes outside almost in the process. You know, right when he was done hauling that huge beach umbrella and calls police. So they chase them. He throws the umbrella over the fence and his neighbor's yard, and he hides the money in his garage, and his girlfriend gives him up..

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