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From our coach North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper continues to prepare for what could be a devastating blow from hurricane. Florence many continue to evacuate coastal areas of the Carolinas. The National Hurricane center's Ed Rappaport, we still expect that the hurricane will have wins over. One hundred miles per hour. But the biggest risk to life is from storm surge and inland, flooding along much of South Carolina. And almost all of North Carolina coast. I'm Jim Priscilla built beach North Carolina, some weather, forecasters fear what's being called exceptionally bad. News that hurricane Florence's landfall could be spread out over hundreds of miles of coastline. In the southeast. Pushing a fifteen to twenty foot storm surge into hundreds of places the storm continues to be a substantial threat over a huge area the country, sixty minutes executive producer Jeff Fager deny sexual misconduct allegations reported in the New Yorker, but he was fired by CBS today. In a statement faker said he was terminated for sending a harsh text message to CBS's Girija don't get demanding. She be fair and covering the story. He said CBS did not like it. CBS news. President David road said fingers dismissal is not directly related to the allegations surfaced and press reports which can. Continue to be investigated independently. However, he violated company policy, and it is our commitment to uphold those policies Dunkin red failures message, which warned her people have lost their jobs for trying to harm him. There was a surge in the number of families illegally crossing into the US for Mexico last month. CBS's Steve Futterman has details families account for a significant number of those apprehended at the US border and last month, the number of families arrested increased by thirty eight percent compared to July homeland security officials call this a crisis. They blame the surge on a court order, which prevents children from being separated from their families for more than twenty days. The overall number of people stopped or arrested at the border last month was nearly forty seven thousand if it September. It must be new iphones. Apple unveiled its new products today, including a watch that detects heart problems and its biggest phone ever. Vice president Phil Schiller. What do you call a phone that bigger than plus size or we call it phone tennis? Max this year apple became the first publicly traded company to hit a market value of one trillion dollars..

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