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I'm GonNa Talk to you for a minute about. How the India Graham is able to service in our relationships. I know you know you and I've talked about this a million times, but. It's so useful as a tool, not just for kind of self, identification and growth, but marriage and in parenting, and so I wonder if you could talk for a minute about Brian, and what is his number? How does your nine this show up inside your marriage attached to the person that you married, and even with your kids, and of course they're younger and they're still developing growing, but. But, we have a beat on our own kids. How does being a nine effect? A mom to I'd like to just hear you talk about how the shows up in your home. I feel like that is probably one of the greatest gifts of the Graham Hasbeen in my relationships with other people, not only in you know even within your immediate family, but even in the sense of like. Boy just gives you such compassion. For people right and such an understanding of where things are have someone I love in my life. WHO's a one and when I realized the depth of the inner criticism that that person was living with I wept. And it just so tender so tender towards ones. And so Brian's three and. Maybe, that's why you and I get along so well. I'm not. Scandalous. Do Triad is one of the aspects of the program that can be a little bit confusing for people. It means that you've got your own numbers so for me as a nine, and then you've got one number you move towards when you're feeling healthy and strong and for me. That's a three I went I'm feeling healthy and strong. I'm engaged I'm achieving things done. A lot of people from the outside can look at my life and think I'm a three. Totally and then on the other side. You have another number that you'd go towards which for me is six. which is your path of what they called disintegration? This is what you look like when you're not doing so great and you take on the worst characteristics. So, it's a bit fun energy when I say five my terrible because. GOT A Wrong I. Look like my husband and when he's a mass, he looks more like me. Is Right that's right,.

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