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Self care has never been more important, so give yourself a bit of hampering. Meet Billy. They've recreated everyday essentials by delivering premium razors and high performing body cared directly to you know pink tax novas to the drugstore. No breaking the bank go to. TO MY BILLY DOT COM to get their starter kit for just nine dollars that includes their award, winning razor to refill blades and a magnetic older that keeps your razor, safe and dry in between uses yes, and billy is out to change more than the way you shave. They just released three. Completely clean must have products to add to your routine lip balm dry, shampoo and face wipe so make. Make sure to stock up. Yes, and you have all heard me talk about all the reasons why I love billy, but not only do I get the best shave ever and I mean ever, but added an amazing price, and I don't have to leave my house. What honestly is better than that? Oh, I agree Nicole so go to mypillow dot com to meet the razor. That made everyone start talking about. About razors they're no lure, best beauty winner, and on nylons, beauty, Hitless, four reason, and to express a little love for our show. Go to my billy dot com slash ballots. It's a small way you can support us while getting the best razor you will ever own. It's just nine dollars to get your starter kit plus free shipping always go to my billy dot com slash. Bellas spelled my be. L. I. E. DOT COM slash fellas. All right everyone will welcome to the.

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