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Already frustrated a annex t on seats because you know that time of year fantasy football. Nfl starting. and i'm ready down. Few fucking games shit so as you know. This was the last taping live. Whatever the fuck it was of an. Xt has changed their format in people. People are nervous as fuck. I'm just. I'm just hoping that they just continued good wrestling. That's all i give a fuck about bring onto arresting. That's all i care about. We had a collie collie ray defeating amber moon. You know ember really needs to do something. She didn't look too bad this time in his match. I think highly Was it good dance partner for her but you know. There's there's certain instances in the match where amber looked otter step. She didn't look. I don't know she didn't look like she was in the right frame of mind. Believe later on she cut a promo about something of that magnitude and such but still in all it was. I don't know i had It was okay. Eight kennedy raise a fucking star. That's automatic. she's a star. I'm a i'm a. I'm looking forward to see more of her in an accede candidate. Laurey throwing a bachelor. Party for andy hartwell. I'm so not into this fucking this whole story him. Give a shit really. Good good fucking match santo escobar and camello hayes at shit see annex t stays on this level. Then i won't. I don't have any issues about what they're going to do from here on out. I have none at all if they could keep pushing that the The riveted and keep this format going with these recipes in this magnitude great match sansoz escobar pulls out the win with the help of electra. And yeah this is. This is a and then you know. Of course you know. I love legal. That five thousand my soul That's a it's it's it's a done deal here decree brothers defeat chuck viola and paxton atrial. Creep brothers could be something man for that diamond mine ship. All right. they like they got something. So the set it. I know it's still early on but i don't know we. We can see something from them. We casey cart azzaro and canaan. Carter going up against earshot. Start for the tag i. I'm i liked. I liked these. These these two teams together would prefer to see more of them down a line instead of now and could be more could be more fun laid on the line. If you see more of katy cons. Ara casey carter zero and Canaan carter add more to there to say awesome. They could pull out the aerial finesse and such so now. I'm looking forward to seeing that. A little bit more to we had We had a mandy. Rose g dolan in jc attack. Casey cartons are in catering. After match nasa fatal. Four way for next week to determine. I guess that's the kick off the new. Nfc format the new number one contender for the nfc championship. But we done some also chopper. Late night and kevin is going to be in carlo. Riley yang defeated virginia. Furry i'm still not. I mean i knew me a ying is but i'm still wondering why this is still a thing. I don't know camera. Grimes through a bachelor party for dexter. Loomis said i'm just over the ship and ms k. Defeats logging and danny birds to retain the nfc championship good match fund match. I was talking to the boss rich about working and birch and although they are good solid workers. They're very replaceable. Like you could see them. Just go anywhere really. Wouldn't matter i. i mean honestly they go. I actually see them going. Impacting working with Josh alexander that works that that looks like a good faction impairing for me after the match done in holland taken to the streets and stop the fuck out of oregon and birch in. We are out in z. The nightclothes with a close up shop holland and and done and if the new era annex exceed kicks off with these guys as your top heels going in. I don't see that as a problem at all. It's going to be interesting to see what happens from here on out with the new look annex t make it brighter making fine make it flashing. There's just vince doesn't have his fucking handed way. Too much listening to us into aid.

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