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If you need someone to help you. Make any get support right, and so that is what the blindly forward is about and some do some mobile shops coming up? He did shop In? Twenty sixteen, he did some other workshops related to technology of Incense. be will by smartphone technologies workshop was done. Yeah, and that one was the heat specifically any smartphones. While involved in as well, yes, is being project some. was more involved with poppy. and since Zafy a project but Marlin. was directly involved. Oh that's that's good. That's the company with us, so be workshop, and that is and you guys coming in in whose workshop to people that wanted to seats. Yes, right? An recently, we did workshop for the UN on increasing access to technology. Disabilities than I am facilities that will. Answer that one was about a universal service funds. The fact that is money available Poussin's implement these types of projects. But disability support organizations any of his funds and south have not. Implemented any projects and. Very very little projects, supposedly right and Do reason for that is the lucky capacity and knowledge into a what types of technologies available and in holiday has entire project. And, so what we did was key to them on the different size as best possible what we have. Demonstrated that, and then we showed them. This is how you can access. On these adequacy. So Finn Sons. When is a call of proposal? You need to be with attention to that. Need to look at. It has critera. Who was all then? You need to be crafty Publiz problem. Not violated and then when you do, you propose approved. Ozzy execute that project and so that is A. More recent projects that, too. And was done with a seven hundred short grapevine. We had people coming in from Saint Lucia to me Renita Sin Vinson. And needs kits Centra. at. What is somehow? Well we twenty twenty. I mentioned Dubai Expert Twenty, twenty. avenue also looking at some other fellowships to trend res Z. Awareness of what do internationally so twenty two unease, most able business development. I'm going to try to try to do some much more mobile in between to get at, but potter would have to do his raise the awareness of what you've done writing so that we can get the funding and support necessary to take a photo. Experience been like in tubes of. I know we touched on this earlier with. The. Intellectual Electric Property Office you guys do any You guys don't have any pets. As yet because he lied to. I guess more detailed designs, not just. Group in consumer products but by. PUFUS, products specifically for your. The. Application. Yes, that only could apply for the..

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