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Fixtures. As. You might imagine. Then, I remembered. Current Code requires what is called a frost free hydrant that's a contraption where the tap is on the outside of the wall. But the stem extends into the conditioned space inside the house. And that's where the actual valve is located. So. When you shut off the tap, the water is stopped. Wild is still inside the house. Sure enough the search for a frost free hydrant gave me the exact result. I expected for that search. But. Here's the thing we have an older house. And we already have a shutoff valve inside. So we don't need a frost free hydrant. And I would have had to reconfigure the existing plumbing. In order to install it. That would be opening up a can of worms that I did not really want to open. At least the search term return the result I expected even if it wasn't what I needed. Well, maybe. What about just hydrant Search for hydrant. Nope, not that either. Oh..

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