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Have to realize the effective rate right now when you take the deduction it about twenty seven percent and it's still too high and we're not going to get an up bang for the buck and you know we're going to be stuck in a twopercent growth for you know for the foreseeable future fact my worry and there was really nothing i heard the eight from kevin brady that you know convinces me that that that that that you know we have a good chance of avoiding you know i am in my conversations with chairman brady i've talked to him about how i believe the cbo congressional budget office and they're static low ball growth estimates in this whole business of revenue neutrality really stops tax cuts or or damages the past ability of tax cuts and charges to follow up i mean i i say the cbo is part of the swamp great and the swamp needs to be drained according to travellers right so why not just drain the cbo how doll dole's there well three percent growth don't go revenueneutral go deficit nutro and clothing spending reductions in asset sales larry law the rest out give it away dakhli what was said the other night would be real clear people in the leadership position and you know you talk to cold it getting used to work against for the cbo rating with their director direct your right so um you know he either republican dole had the republican party unfortunately green i shades she's the wait is i've seen i think they are bad people they really worry about the deficit and late giving futuregeneration um the only way lay blame dead on future generations but you know larry ah you and i have factor with no uh you know you'll know you understand the numbers here if we don't get three percent growth right would never going to pay down the deficit guy at that is so true i will never you're right will never just steps the every once in a while i just have this dream that house speaker paul ryan who used to be a great supply sider is sitting in his office desk with a green i as cbo green icing which troubles me narsey jason share what other thing i want to add to this for we get your take.

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