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Dodgy Boulos Z got a ten year federal prison sentence, which amounted to time served for what he spent in prison for the subway bomb plot Zazi faced life, but has cooperated with the government against kite thwarting, several attacks worldwide defense attorney William stampers spoke on the judges impression of that. He's never seen a letter similar to what they submitted to with respect to what he has done for the United States government could be days or weeks before says, he's released damper says he's not worried about his Ozzy fitting into society. Lisa good limited growing scandal and multiple investigation that the sales of her books Baltimore mayor, Catherine Pugh step down. She issued a statement through her attorney Steven Silverman more deserves mayor who can move our great city forward. I want to thank all of our department heads and staff who work hard every day to improve the quality of. Life for all who live were. And visit our city Republican governor Larry HOGAN said in a statement. It was clear the mayor could no longer lead effectively, Maryland Democratic Party chairwoman. Maya Ronchi more coming saying the resignation of Baltimore the opportunity to address challenges with courage and optimism. Stephen Moore has withdrawn his name from consideration for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board earlier in the day today. More had said he was still in the running this coming after several Republican lawmakers expressed concerns some of Moore's writings about women. This is Fox News. Tired of missing trade.

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