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To pay their respects to Salt River police officer Clayton Townsend his brother cold Townsend, I watch Clayton. Become a man who was was honorable had manners a direction life where he wanted to go. He was loyal to people who was hard working faithful kind generous. I could go on and on Townsend was killed last week by texting driver as he was responding to a call for service, the confirmation hearings for attorney general have resumed in Washington. William Barr now, I'm being questioned on border security. Members of the Senate Judiciary committee are asking his thoughts on the border. Wall point is we need money right now for borders looting a bat, including a barriers and walls, and slats and other things anything that makes sense in different in different areas of the border. If confirmed this would be the second time that William bar would serve as. As the nation's attorney general it's day two of the teachers strike in Los Angeles. Teachers, and it's definitely being felt about one hundred forty four thousand kids showed up for class yesterday. Knowing their regular teachers would be out moss Angeles unified school district superintendent Austin Butte, says the low attendance rate caused the district to lose twenty five million dollars in state funding to state the obvious. We need our educators back in our classrooms. Beautyrest asking everyone to lobby the California state government for additional school funding. Authorities said elderly man and woman from Goodyear have been killed in a traffic.

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