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And so it's a really unique kind of innovation. Tio contemporary water conflicts and struggles. But are they working? I mean, it's one thing to say like, Yes, we will grant you the thing that you want. But if this body of water doesn't actually Get cleaner or safer or get riel protections. Then it kind of just A nice story that makes people feel better. I think that's you know, that's a really important critique. But I think it's it's maybe a bit premature. Yeah indigenous societies. Indigenous legal systems have have Operated and utilized legal personhood for for nature and for other living entities. For centuries and have been successful. So that is one thing to say. No, it's not just sort of perfunctory or feel good. It actually has lasting results in understanding sustainability, and I think that that's that's a big aspect of of where we go from here, and it needs to be context specific. What's gonna work for the Klamath River is not unless Hillary going to work for the Family River. Is not necessarily going to work for the team's river in London, right, so we really have to be local and context specific but from within an indigenous contacts of North America and what we call Turtle Island. There are a few steps and firstly, there is a need thio honor existing treaties. So many of the treaties that Canada and the United States for signed with indigenous nations. Actually talk about water and really specific instances in terms and those treaties have not been honored. And so I think when we start to think about what does legal personhood for water look like the human right to water? It does start with going back to those original treaties and honoring those terms too often law is created for communities that they are not reflected off. S O. We need to have law for the people driven by the people, and I think that's about creating new collaborative process is for legal reform. So In the words of Nokomis. What are you going to do about it? What do you going to do.

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