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Here's Caroline burns. We touched on earlier, but will expand on the possibility that the Oakland Raiders Christmas Eve game against the Broncos might not be their last game ever in the bay area. There's something brewing across the bay that could change things. San Francisco Giants have confirmed that they have had this Gushin's with the raiders to have them play it AT and T park next season. But the backup the raiders had a tentative deal in place to play. The two thousand nine hundred and season in the Coliseum that got scuttled December twelfth just one day after the city of Oakland sued the team in the NFL calling the move to Las Vegas illegal. The city of Oakland is asking for compensation in the realm of hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. AT and T is hosted football before Kao played their home games there. In two thousand eleven memorial stadium was being renovated. Giants say many details. Still need to be ironed out, including the big issue of territorial rights AT and T falls within the forty Niners territory than simply put the Niners and the NFL would have to agree to let them play there. As for the giants. There is speculation that any rent money received from the raiders would likely go to baseball operations as the team paid off the debt load on the stadium. A couple of years back nothing between the raiders and the giants will likely be finalized until January, and that's pushing the limit on when the NFL needs to know where the. The team will play in two thousand nineteen or scheduling purposes, there's been no comment from the raiders regarding this possibility couple of college football games, Friday, Florida international beat Toledo thirty five to thirty two and the.

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