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Of this thing. Where your self talk actually helps you and I'm wondering if this is an example of that where it's like? I had to have an honest look in the mirror. Yeah and then I came up the other side. and that's like the horns to be like the praise. Oh Ooh like you've arrived maybe or perhaps it is just in the original Italian version since that is maybe about. But maybe this is the part that's like the tribute back to the original. The the reference back to the original. I'M GONNA look into it as a narrative contributor I like it I like yours like it comes out positive like at the end. It's like it. It's a happy happy scolding Gloria Gloria. You're fucking your Goddamn REC. Need Shit together. Yeah hard to get buck and take a break. And then she was like Oh okay and she's like you're what you're so right. You're so right man she. She walks out the door. Opens opens the door to her apartment and the chorus in their singing and she sinks. She shuts the door behind her and they continue to sing and the trumpets. Come in if there's one thing I want in this life it's to feel like when I leave room. People aren't continuing to talk about me. Positively not only that singing about me. The moral of this episode glorious slaps and be Nice to yourself and your friends. Yeah then tell them out loud yes honestly yes. It makes a big difference right. I think so I was like hey. Okay violate your shirt fucking rock. Thank you so much to strangers. Thank your own Mike at the store. I love doing that when you see somebody who your shirt exactly love you love that. Love the hat and like worst case scenario thanks and they suck but like I didn't hurt me I don't WanNa have you ever been like that when someone says something like you go from here I. It's on sale or if remotely attractive. I'm like me too or just triple over everything I own. Leave that to tripped on my own tongue. I Dunno it's possible. Little rolls out like a cartoon loved like a red carpet. Dick just rolled out like a red carpet. Dick shot out the ludicrous episode episode of this. podcast I listen to that and everybody. I know I think sometimes doing this. So listen to every episode and you haven't listened to a good amount of episodes out thank you. I really like you're doing it for me right now. I mean truly think like I really like this podcast. Thank you so much welcome I want to ask you now. What did you punch it up? And if so how the thing about this new format of you asking like if I want you to punch up of course I want you to punch it of course no i WanNa hear your version like I want to hear you sing it. I think this but I do kind of think the song as I think Demi was right after. We just did this. It's like I thought it was on punishable before but maybe like we'd find a thing to make it but now I'm like this is a perfect song. Okay here's a question. I think I know what I would do to the song. Yeah I'll just say it on. Yeah Fuck you're about to hear it anyway. Yeah I it would take a literal translation of the lyrics and just read you that version and do it better than the first I mean. I think if you did the Italian lyrics the thing is this is not a punch up at all this punch. What you could do is and you can't do this because you don't speak Italian but do the English lyrics back into a talent and give the Italian version? That's eight deserve. Mario I want you the do. Is Google translate these lyrics into Italian. Change it tomorrow and then give it to Italy and be like you deserve this. Oh my God you're making so much says the Italian however I am fully committed to offending Italians and then I could sing it potentially Umberto's key which would certainly be lenny's move. They'll be incredible to hear that about five minutes. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to hear that in five minutes. I'm realizing the flow of the podcasters. Scott taken away for me. So we're going to cut back into the she going to ask me. I've such a good one. Okay what's your punches. Yeah okay so for all my affair heads out there. One of the worst shows on television just ended this past week. It's called the affair. Okay have you heard of this show. I have heard the name. It's on showtime it's complete garbage. The season season woman's iconic and then it went fully downhill down the longest. Hell you could ever imagine it just ended and I've watched it forever and what's amazing about. This show is that it's always had one of the best theme songs it's this field apple song that she wrote specifically for this show Fiona yes. She doesn't do anything. She writes a song for this terrible show. It's incredible so so in the show. That's not the song that I'm actually referring to. But in the show they end on this wedding and one of the things that the wedding. Is this dance that the that this Shitty asshole father choreographed. Spur his daughter and the dance to the song. The whole of the moon by the waterboy which is a fucking banger. The show ends with the main character like aged fifty years. Here's so he's like a fake old man almost like those six flag got six flags and he walks up mountain me looks at the C.. And then it plays a Fiona apple cover of the whole of the moon..

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