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Please. I don't want to treat them no. We're just a bit jason. I mean ooh we apart out if you can train well yeah well so okay. I'm asking this next question actually. Technically sharon's married. I can't believe a mass who've been there. I can't believe you're maisky me. Ask this but would you be willing to give jemaine clement. Both of our numbers and is he single. I'm sort of kidding. But not really. I would definitely i could give you this number And be like. Oh karen once you choose it onto that we want you willing compare naral if not single. He's married to the lovely miranda. Who's a great friend of mine. And i the dinner Quite often and No joins a great guy and we actually were an a fake. Just that baked wrote and ballantyne directed Down south last year We was completely naked. Onscreen together so look forward to that. But what were fancy real. We are fans these. Tell his lovely wife. I mean no offense yes yeah. He's such a lovely car like he's he should have ego the odd note. A blue whale like he's so talented but he's so humble and so lovely just the kindest nicest even like that. That's lovely to hear. I love even like just talking with you. I love when we see someone that we admire on screen and that we get to see them and talk to them or find out that they're good people yourself included so that's nice to know thank you and again all due respect to his wife. We'd messing around that. She knows even centuries of joan even been spent luck. It's you know it's got in the vice and stuff. You know these lovely tell. Tell him next time you have dinner with him that there's a couple of whores in chicago big fans of his. I give you pass it on your phrasing. that'll go. Well i'm sure people who was right. Okay and then chicago right.

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