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Large trump is a former producer for inside edition a trusted campaign adviser for president. Donald Trump's Twenty twenty reelection campaign. Ano- what many of you may not know Laura is from North Carolina and Happens to be married to the president. Son Eric Amount Ed. Good Morning. How are you gave morning? I'm doing well? Thanks for having me will welcome in. Of course we have a lot of listeners. Here on ninety four five the answer from North Carolina and. I'M NOT SURE. A lot of people realize that You're from North Carolina. Oh you got that right. North Carolina born and bred I'm from Wilmington Rightful beach and my parents still live there. I went to Laney High School went to NC state so We We are big big fans of of what I think is possibly the best state in the country. But I'm very partial. So yes yes. Well I'll give you that in and I'll say that South Carolina is the second best date it is. It's a close. I like the cat named my daughter Carolina so you could go either way for that right go right well. Thank you for a few minutes of your time this morning. of course we're living in crazy times And as someone who has been to a number of trump campaign rallies I I was in Orlando by the way I saw you guys. I was on radio. Row over there. in Orlando at the big kickoff Back last year seems like it was forever ago You know and you guys were in Charleston in Charlotte. Not Too long ago now. We can't even have groups of three or more houses affected the trump twenty twenty campaign. Yeah it's been a big change. I mean obviously you know how much the president loves to host the rallies. You're talking about and you know we're talking about tens of thousands of people that would come out to Just you the president but we are in a different space right now with the trump campaign. I think the good news is that broader scale campaign manager was digital director in two thousand sixteen and he really brought the campaign to a place where we are able to basically move to a completely digital platform right now. So we're hosting virtual events all across the country where hosting virtual town halls round tables were connecting with around a million people every time we host one of these events and that's great news. I think we'll all be really excited whenever we go back to normal and and get back out and campaigned campaign the way that we like to do but currently that's how we're doing it you know. I'm I'm at my home with my kids and my dog. My husband We live in New York now so obviously we are not able to to go into the office But but this is how we're gonNA live life for a little while and then we hope to be back to normal. You know that we're having the Republican National Convention in Charlotte This year so in August. We're hoping to be there and we're hoping that things move forward as normal but we're taking it day by day like everybody. It's a very exciting time. And you know with with this national emergency that we're fighting every day I it sometimes is hard to remember that. We're in in the middle of a very important election year and of course being here in upstate South Carolina. We're so looking forward to hosting people A lot of people in our area or volunteers Do you believe that An nope look. No one has a crystal ball. Do you think that we're going to be able to have that convention in Charlotte the summer? Well we're certainly moving forward as though we are. You know we have a great team that we put together I've been there many times to to work with our team on the ground. Obviously I was really excited to to get the convention in my home state and We're very hopeful that things are going to go forward as we planned. We have a very unique and really exciting mentioned Especially for a Republican convention. I think a lot of unexpected things that people really want to see. So we're hopeful. We're look we're going forward as though it's going to happen And we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. I guess just with me on the ninety four five the answer guest line this morning Laura trump of course married to the present son Eric and a very vital part of the trump twenty twenty campaign. election Kobe Nineteen Laura has presented a lot of challenges. Things that we none of us ever dreamed that we would live in a time. Like this The president's been out front Literally holding to our briefings daily being very transparent with the American people. Can you give us a glimpse inside of what his Typical Day looks like? How does he keep the positive attitude? And and the the stamina has I mean these are long days for him and they are long days and I don't think we've ever seen a president day after day to your point. Hold these two plus hour press briefing. Stand up there every single question. Make sure that the American people have every bit of information that he can offer for them. I give him a lot of credit. It's not easy. There's no question who shied away from. He wants to make sure that everybody gets vital information. Look I'm still surprised that he has such a great attitude Whenever I speak to him husbands speak to him he really. I think is confident that we'll get through this as a country that will come out the other side and I think look. There's any person you want in the White House leading this country to make sure that we recovered from this on an economic level Bring jobs back into this country. Make sure people get back to work. It's Donald Trump so He did it once. Three years of of Donald Trump. We saw where we were as a country. We saw record highs in the stock market record. Low unemployment numbers at one point. I think we had a million more jobs than we even had people to fill them so He's confident he knows. We're going to get through this. Look where the United States of America. We've overcome so much in our short history. We will get through this together But I'm still shocked. By how he he operates every single day with a great attitude And and knows that you know. We're we're doing the right things to get our country through this as quickly as possible with me this morning trump and you're so right I am I just I. I feel like that. We're so blessed to have donald trump at the helm during these very trying times because He's done at once he can do it again in no one better and I think this just really Supports the case for reelection in November. Two because Look Laura I I think we all know that things aren't gonNA turn around is going to take a little time. I think is going to happen quickly. Because we had a great economy up before we headed into this Do you think that the Democrats I all you think? They're going to cooperate with giving the president what he needs you know. It looks like we're going to need additional relief. Funds a lot of industry hurting out there the the airlines I know were included in some of the initial funds but there are a lot of other businesses out there to it. Looks like that the initial funding is probably going to be depleted soon What's the attitude among the the trump administration on whether or not we're going to be able to get additional support? Well I certainly hope so I mean I. We would hope at a time like this that we can all put politics aside and do what we know is right for this country. Make sure that people are able to sustain themselves. Their families make sure the small businesses are closing in this country because of this crisis. We're in right now. That said you saw that the Democrats I'd to get real slick with The first round they tried to add in the green deal. They tried to get all kinds of ridiculous things. Put in the relief. Package and the president rightly called them on it and said this is not what we're doing right now. Look I certainly hope that When it comes down to it they can see past petty politics and see that they to help a fellow Americans and make sure that That people are able to get through this But I I wish I had a crystal ball at I can tell you that think that you know we should all look at this time to come together and if there's one good thing to take out of this other than spending a lot more time with our families that would probably otherwise wouldn't you can probably hear my kids in the background right now I think you know maybe we can put aside our differences for one. Maybe we can say it's not about politics about the bigger picture and is about all of us as Americans That sure is my hope as we move forward here and hopefully we see that happen because again there are a lot of Americans hurting out there. There are a lot of businesses. Of course that need help. I mean look the industry that I work in radio You know a lot of small businesses aren't able to continue advertising and we're going to need. Can you put in a good word with the president for the dog his ear? Don't worry one. Quick thing Laura because I know you're busy on Thursdays here on the morning answer we call them thankful Thursday because we like to spend a few minutes talking about the things that we're thankful for and in these these horrible times that we're living right now some of the challenges I it's easy to kind of get bogged down in the doom and gloom. But there's also a lot to be thankful for. Let me ask you a real quickly. What something you're thankful for on this Thursday. I'm just thankful to be an American. My husband and I were talking about it last night at dinner. Think about living in any other country right now. Think about how great it is. We can all even in a tough time like this. Gather around the table at night as a family. Eat dinner together. Come together pray It's really great to be an American and I feel like we're all so blessed to live in this country that We are lower trump. Thank you for your time this morning. God bless you and the entire your family the president of course Be Sure and let him know that he has a lot of supporters here. IN UPSTATE. South Carolina Western North Carolina. And we appreciate what you do everyday you got it. Thank you album blessed Thursday..

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