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In general I don't understand. People are fickle. Fickle what you finally get finally get a good character rods as A. He'll like like you're just not happy They signed the contract. Buddy Murphy comes out. Who is one of his? Disciples is prophets. Drew McIntyre Claymores Buddy Murphy as the sacrifice rollins walks off and they stare off into the sunset for all of the over. What you thought about what you think about this buildup read read something about The role is good this week. I really do not see a single problem. I mean of course with the fans but the matches were on bad yeah and they actually built a good storyline especially Apollo yes. Andrade thing is putting some importance on the US title game absolutely and another thing live. Morgan will be right. Stole the show for me. I'm not getting I was watching that match and I was actually on the phone. You read I was and I was looking at. Your live is improving every week. I but I told her she was a bad. She was okay but now she's getting good like she's like I think her working rubies getting her more comfortable. She's gelling like seeing. I'm like you're growing every week aren't you? You're getting better of so yes. Ladies and gentlemen that was raw gina title but as a as a fucking who Yes I agree on. Let's switch switch. Let's switch over to a w as it was another focus on the championship tournament as we found out. Tony Kahn's book in the show and it's been great on the first match was cody versus Darby Allen another classic in my opinion Great Chap reach. After does they're having a lot of good match together. A defense was terrible. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah yeah dot awful. I was literally cheering going off. That Darby wants to like five minutes until I saw the cody one and I was like wait. What that was probably. I don't want to over exaggerate. If I could say that was definitely equal to maybe how bad the role was with. Becky and Rhonda. What did you say yes I totally But I I know I know what they're doing because they don't WanNa they don't want us They don't WanNa put cody over at wait so cleanly because Darby as such a fan favorite but you get the roller Acre on pull it. But here's the thing I get the roll up. I'm a mad at the role of mad about the the the execution of the role of it looked like Darby had him one me. That's what they wanted. People on twitter. Were like Yo Darby want him? So hype cody one. I had to go back in like that was terrible. Roll up but the fact that he's not that kind of character that kind of gimmick that does that complaining Shit Yeah. He's not he doesn't have the so I don't I don't I don't know it's I. I just did it. I think they protected the fact that they know that. Darby Is such a fan favorite. That he didn't want him to fuck lose easily to get onto cody over so easily. I'm cool with that. Just the role of was so weird. L. So fucking like offer me. What cody advances as expected of a little hike for the upset but up next week at Scorpio sky? Another video package that he wants to be a legend in. Aws is clearly clearly Scorpio's introduction to the singles singles division. Here of 'em Jeff gives an injury update Soho lumber are So mgm give recovery his hangnail which from gambling. He said he made a full recovery doing that but then he heard himself of Shaving. He cut himself shaving. And you get a neck brace on. So he's he's out again Mgm Appropriate soon after that Wardlow comes out quickly. Each Musa of I will say this. Now A W is marinating. They're monsters quote unquote perfectly thrown Toby TNA matches like the monster's ball. Yeah if you if you gave me Lance Archer versus Brodie Lee versus wardlow in a monster's ball match I would fucking expe- so hyper that they're making them Jack. Hager yeah and Jake Like they're they're making. They're they're making. They're monsters believable and it is such a good sight to see because wwe does they're monsters so wrong So it's definitely a breath of fresh air with the fucking beasts because wore low. I think warlock could be the next brock. He is a monster and he'll believable. Yeah so he's very young. We have potential beasts like monsters. Wardlow was like from Australia Austria Cleveland. He's he's Roma on the corner late. He he's people said so quick win with ten which is once again. Great Up next week. The Best Friends Trenton Chuck. I'm taking Jimmy Havoc kick Sapien in t match a wild from start to finish Jackie gets the win with a charging inverted. Sit Out Tombstone piledriver. I wouldn't say this was a death match with this definitely was a take on a more hardcore metro. What he thought about exact. You didn't have a pro. I really didn't. It was a little crazy for me but it wasn't that bad. Yeah they still. Don't get the pacing. What they're doing stuff like that. It's just a to me. It was another one of those. Adhd kind of matches over two chairs was too much for me. I'm like what the Hell Slog Altos necessary. It was it was like it's a very they don't get you know what it is. They have agents in the back that they need to really talk to before their match. Because got guys like Arn Anderson Tully Blanchard Dp Even Billy Gunn who you can talk to work a match. Do these guys go out there and just like fucking recorded in a ring. I think I think it. Has I like blaming people Jimmy. Having I think has a lot to do with this. I think there's a lot to do with. This is how I do it. This is how we do q match and everyone's like oh alright. Alright let it run it run. It just doesn't matter it doesn't work well for me And I get hit court about up. I'm listening to After that we had a bigger another Brit Baker role model segment was. I'm loving every week. I think Britvic is becoming a real good bitch weapon becoming a real good bitch. What exactly how. It heals should be She keeps attacking Tony Shivani with his way in. It's fucking great. I love every second Brit- Brit- doing these videos step number three. Not everyone could be a role model. I love it. I love it After that shawn spears defeats Barron Black Brulee dismantled Marcos studt in an insane squash matt. Thank God as a Jon. Moxley gives them a message saying that. Step up to the plate. And you don't know what the gangs of Basic Promo ended the main event we had lance archer taking on Dustin Rhodes in the TNT championship semi final match. Dustin got busted open early and was bleeding profusely for the majority of the match. Archer gets victory and locks eyes with cody. Has you covered his brother. What great imagery. So that means out at means Dustin out. I've been retired. No no damage. I don't think so but read. I'm not exaggerating this right. Now let me tell you I just read that. I got goosebumps and I'll tell you. Why imagery of the imagery of seeing lance archer pin codes brother busted open bleeding odi and you see cody in the outside. He's he's staring at cody. What THE FUCK. I love that. You have sound effects. Great Ho- What does hold on? I'm sorry he's got a got sound effects. Easy easy emoting emotion. He's got a whole thing going on over this summer. I'm trying to like turn it off which Codex on. I don't know why that's happening though on rubbing the thanks. O- of this Top of my Mac books keeping me vacation protest so again God are.

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