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Julie. What's your question. Hi Dolores. I love project runway also. Hey Bartenders I'm here with my best friend Paula. And we were wondering why you were so willing to leave the Hamptons with Jennifer. After she was throwing things at Melissa. I wondered that too. It's just the way I am. I didn't feel like any girls should go home alone. It was like a three hour ride and you know I just fell to leave with her because I thought she was right. I thought she was totally wrong. But what's Nice? She's girl go home along and she didn't know left behind just made a mistake. All right. Let's go to betsy from Arizona. Hey Betsy what's your question. Hi Andy Doors. I just have to tell you you look absolutely flawless at the reunion. Thank you so much. My question is for Casey. Who are who are your top three least favourite housewives of all time? Hough okay. Well it's the nature of the beast. Right I got put up I got out. I did not never loved Kelly Bensimon. She really really bothered me. God what House has been is the worst from Shane. And he's a house husband but I gotta say they're Oh God who else. Who else was terrible. I love them all so much. Worse Yovany suggestions. Tamra those nasty and then she wanted to be your friend but she was all right. Okay let's go to you. You don't want your always willing to take a stand and we appreciate it that when I was weaker but yeah camera. Let's go Taylor from Washington Taylor which question Andy. My question is Dolores. I'm delores till you. I love your favorite live. Yeah so my question is how your relationship with Jackie after the reunion? Especially after you said you weren't earlier this either. Well I felt I owed her an apology. I felt that I I didn't get a chance to know her and I lost patience with her too soon. I'm working on things like that but I just think it's great now. You know we text each other once in the while we were fine. We were fine before that. I I don't WanNA fight which I have nothing against her. It was it was nice to see Teresa kind of cool down about Jackie a little. Yeah do you think that's real? Yeah I do. Yeah Yeah Yeah all right. Let's go to Leeann from Connecticut Alien. What's your question last? Call the night high many my questions for Casey. What's your reaction to him departing from the and what are your favorite moments including them on the show. Wow you know we lost. We lost one of our own. You know we lost our own and that honestly I am going to be. I cried when I heard island line. I was on. The beach. Had had two MARGARITAS. My husband was like what is happening. Truly what's happening? I just felt it was end of an era. I found the housewives like right after my mom passed. I've been there from the beginning. It just made me cry even though she's a monster and also and then when. Tamra laughed and I I've had so many laughs Tam over the years as these women are my friends and I I appreciate. It was a bit more with a whimper. It's like let's give Vicki her. Ju like she started this franchise and I want to do and I didn't like to see her as a friend. It felt sad right and my favorite moment with Vicky was young weird visceral CICERO. That was the night of the ball. The cake with eating just the bow was eaten. All right New Jersey housewife gets to that level of like craziness. Somebody's getting hit right. Yes that's how I feel for sure. I WANNA think I'm excited about black Monday. Congratulations.

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