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Jamal's friend had painted in the entries which dated back to the end of two thousand sixteen in the beginning of twenty seventeen djamil explicitly writes about his addiction issues. And about ed bach. The entries read quote. I honestly don't know what to do. I've become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. Ed buck is the one thing. He gave me my first injection of crystal meth. It was very painful. But after all the troubles at became addicted to the pain and the fetish slash fantasy. My life is at an all time high right now. And i mean not in always. I ended up back at bucks house again and got manipulated into slamming. Which means injecting drugs again. I even went to the point where i was forced to doing a to doing it. Four times within two day period. This man is crazy. And it's sad. Will i ever get help. My god unquote breaking. Yeah so with no other tools. Besides the power of public opinion available to her the tissue nixon posts a video on social media on august tenth 2017 demanding that the sheriff's department look into her son's death an investigate it as a murder to boost support. Jasmine publishes journals journal entries four days later on august fourteenth. Twenty seventeen and as the news starts to spread more young black men start to come forward with similar stories one of those men twenty-eight-year-old dhamar love sits down with jasmine the la times abc seven to tell his story. Essentially ed offers dhamar a large sum of money to come to his west hollywood apartment and quote unquote hang out on the evening of july third 2017 because demar had been there before he knew the drill he expects will wanna take photos of him. He shows jasmine some of the photos. Videos of ed bucks apartment that he still had that further corroborate his story and journals journal. Entries wants to mars there. The apartment et gives them a glass of water and amal dhamar almost immediately blacks out when he comes to. He realizes that his hands are tied. My god at boca standing over him holding a tasers that has a flashlight on it. D- marc's another tasers nearby and grabs it to defend himself after a standoff. Dhamar escapes the apartment. He tries to get help from local police. But they don't believe his story and they just assume he's a drug addict who's just really high. Because he's been shot up withdrawals dhamar finally find some. Emt's who believe his story and he's taken to the hospital just a few weeks later on july twenty seventh to mel dies in ed bucks apartment. Dhamar love thankful to be alive. Assures jasmine that. Ed buck is nothing short of a monster. Dhamar stories published and that along with the entries from jamal. moore's journal make it impossible for the county sheriff's department to hide from the demand to take a serious look at jamal's case and on august fifteenth. Twenty seventeen they finally launch a homicide investigation. Nineteen days after jamal's death. I mean that's quick. Fucking work shit like this when the family and journalists have to get involved can take years pretty incredible like that. They're dr got out at that. Quick definitely well yeah the action and what they were what they were posting. They were like putting on social media and basically saying jamal was not the first victim. They don't have proof of anything else except for this man..

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