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Know weekdays or or pretty slow course we we always slow down at the time of year now but we data pretty flow but i'm i'm booked on the weekend um you know up through november right now you know not totally book right but i'll have crypt gone and um you know we're crime not being a lot of people fission uh from the bank in a few people going out and babe boat but a lot of people from the bank in there you know the hurricane she moved things up poor who orbit a few weeks and i'm theme from some pretty died in a big red fish um and drama in stuff i saw a guy kits to nystrom at the beach the other day we had a couple of days with the water looked nights at the beach now if that lot look night again uh but um uh one of my boy went flounder in latte saturday evening man i got a few but he said water just very dirty we've got an order ebony a mixed week so maybe that well to help with low here theo but who he said that there are so many new cuts open go onto the linney and chahlat by big who have cats light out if it like twenty new cut who there so the boys are all excited robert etre you know they opened up a budget cuts and i've been trying to find out a i'm gonna get griggs stunned zone probably the c next weekend ways mix saturday way of jimmy houston on the show and we'll try to gave him on the following week to find out how cedar by you held out.

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