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Of love to ski ready to roll into the studio with their team remember on Facebook on WGN king job we got really busy on Facebook these days left shares what follows lots of like slots comments on lots of things everything from a Texas can be our recipe which I think is just awesome to our Daily News click the web poll question we ask you about stories in the news yesterday we asked you should bicyclists in Chicago be required to have and to pay for a license to ride on city streets want to guess how that one went Lauren or Steve Winwood say people would say no it was a close forty eight said no fifty two said yes should bicyclists in Chicago be required to have and pay for a license to ride on the city streets yeah I think pedestrian should be licensed to okay now you're just being antagonistic well it's not much different we have different but we had three on three unfortunate that's the understatement of the day right all finish this thought three tragic unfortunate deaths people riding their bicycles had by vehicles in the last four weeks in the city we probably won't hit double digits for the year so it's an anomaly but there it is and I'll just go back to the point I made yesterday it just seems to me like cyclists hear me now bicyclists have too much right they have too much right of way it would be in their best interest to always has the cyclists to yield so if you're passing a vehicle in your bicycle lane on the right hand side and the truck in front of you is going to make a right hand turn rather than waiting for him to see you in his passenger side mirror coming on the right and then slow down in yield to you better that you have to yield to any traffic in front of you I don't know that that's a silver bullet but it seems to me like that's just a more logical that's a more realistic law relative to the way people live their lives in cars planes trains automobiles pedestrians is there ever a no fault accident.

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