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A baggage car was hit by a sounder train the employee was taken to the hospital he's expected to be okay and a third crash happened last night in Auburn when a train crash into a truck that was stuck on the tracks no one was hurt here and the Seattle was arrested for allegedly tying up the manager of a strip club and then stealing three thousand dollars at gun point The Seattle Times reported happened earlier this month at kittens cabaret that's in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle according to the times prosecutors say the men used a fake name to get the job then used what he learned to carry out the robbery the man is now facing kidnapping and robbery charges now let's go live to CenturyLink field where the stage is set for the biggest game of the year for the Seahawks and forty Niners and tomorrow night it could be the loudest game of the year as fans are bursting with excitement to welcome back beast mode the winner takes home the NFC west division title kick off five twenty tomorrow to determine the best in the west will have all of your game highlights tomorrow night right here at eleven PM where you can expect the twelve to go while when Marshawn Lynch charges out of that tunnel tomorrow night he's already talked about the so called unfinished business in Seattle he said he wants to help me get it done in the excitement has been powerful will ever since we learned he's back tonight his mother was celebrating her son's return to Seattle with the twelves a big group of fans celebrating her too with a birthday party or birthday was on Christmas she tells us all excited to be back in Seattle good to be back in Seattle it's good to have you back Lynch announces retirement for the second time back in April by the way running back Robert Turbin also returning to locks he played for them between twenty twelve and twenty fourteen.

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